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What better way to celebrate Travel Nurse Summer than with a giveaway! We’re giving the ultimate prize packs to travel nurses. Whether you have traveled with us several times, you just started, or haven’t quite taken the leap, there is a prize pack for everyone to enter to win!

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Destination Trusted

Giveaway FAQ

Why can I only qualify to win certain prizes?
Hi there, great question! We wanted to create a giveaway to celebrate all nurses, but also give nurses who travel with Trusted an extra reward for choosing to take their assignments with us! Even if you don’t travel with Trusted currently, you have the opportunity to qualify for the other tiered prizes if you take an assignment with us prior to the giveaway ending on July 31st. 

How do I enter for a chance to win?
You can enter our Destination Trusted giveaway by...
If via email just click the “Click To Enter” button and it will take you to the giveaway page.
If via TikTok - Click the link in the bio
If via Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin - Click the link in the caption of the post
If via Instagram - Click the link in the bio, then click on “Destination Trusted Giveaway” link 

How do I create a Trusted profile?
Making a Trusted profile is easy and fast! Just follow this link and fill out the fields from there to get started. Once you’ve created a profile, you will now be eligible to enter our Destination Trusted giveaway! Good Luck! 

How will the winners be announced? 
Winners will be announced via IG/FB stories on August 1st and via email that week of August 1st! 

I can’t enter/my entries are not registering/whenever I click the link in the bio and sign in, I am redirected to the home page and cannot enter/my entries were not registered.

We’re sorry to hear you’re having difficulties entering our Destination Trusted giveaway. Try these tips to help you get entered!
1. Ensure your cookies are enabled.
2. Try this link and see if you are able to register on your phone.
3. If your mobile device isn’t working, try using a computer/laptop to enter the giveaway using the link provided above. It may take some time for the entries to be registered but an email will be sent to confirm your entries.

Destination Trusted

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