Travel Allied (Respiratory Therapist) - Pediatric Intensive Care Unit


San Antonio, TX
3 shifts x 12 hours
Start ASAP · 13 wks
Contract Details
Job Type
Shift Type
Contract Date
01/22/2024 - 04/22/2024
Expected Length
13 weeks
Hours Per Week
Shifts Per Week
Radius Rules
Candidates must live at least 50 miles away from this facility in order to be considered a traveler when applying for this role.
Travel Pay Breakdown
Weekly WagesTax-Free Stipend
Weekly Wages
Based on36contracted hours in 3 x12-hour shifts
Standard: – –/hr x – – hr
– –
Overtime: – –/hr x – – hr
– –
= – –/hr x – – hr
– –
Tax-Free Stipend
Housing, Meals & Incidentals in San Antonio,TX
Housing: – – per day x– –days
– –
M&I: – – per day x– –days
– –
= – – per shift x – – shifts
– –
Your gross weekly
– –
Base Rate 
– –
– –
Double Time 
– –
Extra Time 
– –
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12 months of role experience is required.
3 months of experience with Meditech is required.
Candidates must provide 2 references from within the past 12 months in order to be considered for this role
Candidates must have a license in hand at the time of application.
BLS (Required)
PALS (Required)
ACLS (Required)
NRP (Required)
RRT (Required)
Proof of Identification
Proof of identification required to apply
Additional Information

Pre-employment modules may be required for this role. Please upload any certifications or health documents you have to your profile to expedite your on-boarding process.

Additional Details:

This is an “Auto Offer” position. You will likely not interview with the facility prior to receiving an offer. However, an interview can be facilitated upon request. This request should be made upon submission.

Must have 6 months – 1 year PICU or Level 3/Level 4 NICU experience

Voluntary to float to adults

Scrub Color/Attire - olive/sage scrub top, black scrub bottom, will accept all black (olive/sage hard to find at times)

Weekends and On call(if any): At least 4 weekend shifts per 4 week schedule, does not have to be every other Sat/Sun

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