Travel Nurse (RN) - Progressive Care Unit


Kansas City, MO
3 shifts x 12 hours
Start ASAP · 8 wks
Contract Details
Job Type
Shift Type
Contract Date
Expected Length
8 weeks
Hours Per Shift
Shifts Per Week
Radius Rules
Candidates must live at least 75 miles away from this facility in order to be considered a traveler when applying for this role.
Travel Pay Breakdown
Weekly Gross WagesStipends
Weekly Gross Wages
Based on36contracted hours in 3 x12-hour shifts
Standard: – –/hr x – – hr
– –
Overtime: – –/hr x – – hr
– –
= – –/hr x – – hr
– –
Housing, Meals & Incidentals in Kansas City,MO
Lodging: – – per day x– –days
– –
M&I: – – per day x– –days
– –
= – – per shift x – – shifts
– –
– –
Base Rate 
– –
– –
Double Time 
– –
Extra Time 
– –
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24 months of Progressive Care Unit experience is required.
Candidates must provide 1 charge/lead reference from within the past 12 months in order to be considered for this role
Candidates must provide 1 manager/supervisor reference from within the past 12 months in order to be considered for this role
Candidates must have a Missouri license or compact license in hand at the time of application.
BLS (Required)
ACLS (Required)
NIHSS (Required)
Flu vaccination required to apply. Declinations not accepted.
Additional Information

Pre-employment modules may be required for this role. Please upload any certifications or health documents you have to your profile to expedite your on-boarding process.

Additional Details:

Saint Lukes WILL NOT APPROVE blocked scheduling of any kind. Do not apply and ask as this will not be granted.

Saint Luke’s is a Nicotine free (this includes patches, gum, vape, etc.) Health System – all travelers will be tested upon hire. If found with nicotine in your system, you will be canceled and may be ineligible for re-hire.

Weekend requirement: 8 weekend shifts in Saint Luke’s 6-week schedule period, combination of F/S/S.

Holiday shifts and Charge RN assignments as needed per unit.

Floating may be required between departments, units and facilities as needed– they would need both Kansas and Missouri or compact in hand at time of submission. The unwillingness to do so will result in a cancel.

Progressive Intermediate Stepdown/Intermediate Care Department/Unit.

Telemetry 1 to 2 years experience required.

Must pass EKG exam.

SSN, RTO and scheduling requests required at submission

Must have a full year of in-specialty experience within the past 12 months with no gap in employment greater than 90 days in the past year

No travel partners accepted

Docs will be due 2 Fridays before the start date. There are also 10-15 hours of modules to be done as part of compliance, which are due Monday 1 week prior to start.

Facility may offer without an interview. Please note if traveler is looking to interview with manager and facility may accommodate

Drug Screening: If the candidate's drug screen results come back "diluted" or positive, and cannot be cleared by the MRO, the candidate assignment will be canceled. The Candidate will have to wait 6 months before re-applying.

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