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happy nurses week to all our nurse humans

It’s time to see and celebrate our nurses and healthcare workers as whole humans, and not just the incredible clinicians that they are; Humans who are struggling, who need support, love, sleep and a break. Humans who just want to be seen as human - and not some fictitious image of an all-powerful, all-resilient hero. So let’s show the world who you really are under all the PPE.

The ‘Not A Hero’ Capsule Collection


This Nurses Week, we are giving away fourteen sets of our exclusive scrubs and underscrubs designed by Trusted and Jaanuu, as well as 14 pairs of Bala nursing shoes! That’s two chances to win everyday, for seven days.

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We will select two winners daily from May 6-May 12. All winners must have a Trusted profile.
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Not a hero, but a human... 
in need of support.

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Being a nurse has always been hard, but the pandemic has highlighted just how tough it really is. It’s time we break down those stigmas around mental and physical wellness and arm you with the education and support you need to stay well. So here’s (just the beginning!) of our growing resource center to help nurses cope with and talk about their health and wellness.

Mental Wellness

Mental Health & Wellbeing Survey

As part of its overall mission to better support nurses, Trusted Health is releasing its second annual study on frontline nurse mental health. This year, we’ve revisited and expanded the survey to look at the specific impact of the pandemic on nurses’ physical and mental health and how their experiences over the last year have impacted their career plans.

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Wellness Partner Program

The WPP is back this Fall! This 4-8 week wellness program pairs individual nurses with APRN candidates at Ohio State University’s College of Nursing for individual coaching focused on four key areas; mental, physical, nutritional and sleep wellness. The program is completely free and works around your individual needs and schedule. Click here for last year’s program and sign up below to be added to the waitlist for the Fall 2021 class.

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Resources & Coping Strategies

Physical Wellness

What we’re doing here at Trusted

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We recently changed our benefits for our Trusted nurses! As of April 1, 2021, all nurses who take a Trusted contract get access to the following five wellness programs completely free of charge. If you are a Trusted nurse and want to sign up, please download our benefit partner app Sequoia, where you will find all of the wellness benefits in one place. Or you can click the links below to bring you to a special employer link for each individual program. Please be sure to use the same email address as your Trusted email.

To become a Trusted nurse, start your first travel job and access these wellness benefits, start your profile here!


Spring Health offers personalized mental healthcare, therapy, coaching and content for a variety of mental health needs from burnout to medication management.
* Trusted covers 2 virtual therapy sessions should they require/want them. Additional sessions will need to be financed by the individual.


Headspace offers a full content library of mindfulness exercises to improve stress, sleep and relationships. Get access to guided meditations, articles and videos.


Aaptiv offers audio and video fitness workout classes as well as personalized programs for weight loss, race training, flexibility, maternity and more.


Physera offers virtual physical therapy sessions with support from experts and licensed physical therapists across the country.


Quit Genius offers coaching and a digital clinic to help treat addiction to nicotine, alcohol and opioids.



If you would like to submit or suggest mental health and wellness contributions to this resource library, please email mentalwellness@trustedhealth.com