Why Are Travel Nurses Important? Why are they needed?

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Since travel nurses are often called in when a unit or facility is already experiencing a deficit in nursing staff, travel nurses must often be ready to jump into work without further instruction or hand-holding (thus the typical one or two years of required staff nursing experience prior to traveling).

Some teams refer to travel nurses as the “special operatives” of the nursing world, as they must be readily dropped into any situation, prepared to handle the duties at hand.

In times of disaster, travel nurses are the ones who rise to the challenge; they're the nurses who run toward the obstacle. This has been their history even before Florence Nightingale. In wars, epidemics, and pandemics, travel nurses are ready and able. When the public needs healing and support, these nurses respond.

Most recently, we've been battling the first widespread global pandemic in over one hundred years. With infections of COVID-19 surging around the world, we truly need travel nurses, now more than ever before. We consistently witness nurses making the informed decision to accept travel nursing jobs in infection hotspots, care for infected patients, and courageously put themselves at higher risk in order to further support the most vulnerable of the population.

Nurses are incredible, the solid foundation of the entire healthcare system, and we are honored to help connect them with short-term roles through which they improve and save lives.

Are you ready to give travel nursing a try?