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15 Black Nurses Making an Impact

The Trusted Team
February 28, 2022
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In the digital world we’re living in these days, there has been an obvious rise in content creators. While social media has the potential to be a place where people can express their creativity and views, that isn’t always the reality Black creators face, unfortunately. With that in mind, and as Black History Month draws to a close, we want to take the time to give flowers to 15 Black nurse creators making an impact in the world by lifting up this community with educational, entertaining, and innovative content. 

Mentorship & Education

The five nurses below are well-known for providing mentorship and education content, opportunities and more to their followers. Whether you are a newbie nurse and looking for tips on handling burnout, these content creators are ones to watch.

Tiffany Gibson 

Known for her down to earth, authentic and personal storytelling while presenting important health education, Tiffany is sought after for her expertise in new Nurse mentorship, diversity and inclusion, workplace violence and Nurse burnout. Tiffany inspires her audiences to think critically about their value, safety, equity and performance in their career.

Aisha Allen 

Aisha Allen, CRNA and entrepreneur, runs a mentorship network, a mindset reset program and healthcare disparity workshops as well as being open to leveraging her own experience to help answer questions. 

Jannell Gooden 

The author of “Lavender and Peppermint Tea”, an affirmations book for new nurses, Jannell works to help new nurses feel confident and release their anxiety through a multitude of ways including her Six Pillars to Success as a New Nurse training session.

Nurse Alice 

Coined America’s Favorite Nurse, Alice Benjamin is a board-certified Clinical Nurse Specialist and Family Nurse Practitioner with over 23 years nursing experience specializing in cardiovascular and critical care. She hosts the Ask Nurse Alice podcast where she combines no-nonsense advice with thought-provoking interviews featuring top health experts, celebrity guests, and frontline nurses. 


From bedside to boss, Meisha is as an author, entrepreneur of multiple businesses, and community leader. Her content includes luxury experiences, travel nursing strategy, and executive coaching as she is the go-to if you want to turn your nursing experience into power and profits. 

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

If we could give out Daisy Awards these nurses would have most certainly earned one for going above and beyond, when it comes to thought leadership. These nurses have more than degrees, they have businesses, patents, and courses, so if you are looking for travel nurse tips, legality in nursing and more here are some accounts to kick you off.

Morgan San Diego 

Morgan is more than a mental health Nurse Practitioner but also an author. Her “White Coat, Green Books” e-book provides nurses with the fundamentals of investing and creating multiple income streams. 

Jackie the Unicorn Nurse 

While unicorns may be mythical, Jackie the Unicorn Nurse is very much real. Jackie uses IG lives to encourage, empower and educate nurses on the ebbs and flows of travel nursing such as being a travel nurse mom and living in an RV. 

Nicole Thomas

Take a look at Nicole Thomas’ instagram and you’ll see she is the definition of a ‘boss nurse.’ From 1 on 1 strategy sessions to corporate workshops and training, Nicole is paving the way for healthcare professionals to build a sustainable lifestyle in and out of healthcare settings.


Known as your friendly neighborhood nurse lawyer, Irnise does an amazing job breaking down the legality that comes with nursing. This melanin queen does this with ease and makes it easy for nurses to understand the many different facets of this healthcare profession. 


We all have those genius ideas in our heads, but Taofiki and his business partner Joey have taken their creativity to the next level and patented it! By focusing on a common safety issue he created a solution with SafeSeizure Pads. He shares his business, grad school, and nursing journey through his page while always finding time to pay it forward to other nurse innovators! 

A Unique Perspective

Nurses come in all shapes and sizes and interests, just like any other occupation. These five nurses share their perspective and lives with their followers, from travel nursing as a parent to humorous nurse life tidbits. Follow these folks for affirmations, relatable life tips, and more.


We can’t get enough of this content creator's TikTok videos. From videos around affirmations for nursing students to funny relatable nurse life tidbits, you will look forward to seeing each new post that this nurse posts. 

Kaycee - BougieNurse 

There is nothing wrong with a little bougie in your life! This nurse creator is breaking down the boundaries of what a travel nurse looks like. Kaycee showcases what it’s like to be a traveling nurse with a toddler and offers content on how fellow nurses can get started on their journey. 


Nurse Kay truly does know the secret to inspire and be humorous at the same time. With her relatable nurse life reels and nurse career advice, you’ll be entertained on the daily with her content. 


We love a nurse who keeps it real, and Tae does just that! From sharing influential stories of nursing in the NICU to becoming a mother herself she shows us life in and outside of scrubs. Her business’ 12hourgrind says it all, as when she’s not making some of our favorite healthcare inspired pins she is showcasing life as an FNP student.

Nurse Brandon D Thompson

Murse, mental health advocate and mentor what more do you need?! Brandon provides educational study tips, nursing student resources, and doses of self care all while sharing his journey through nursing after graduating. 

Celebrating Black Creators Beyond February

These amazing 15 creators are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more out there to be recognized and we hope you all take the time to give these and so many other BIPOC content creators their flowers and uplift them as they do for us every day with their content. Happy Black History Month from Trusted!

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