Continuing Education with Trusted.


Continuing Education with Trusted.

Here at Trusted, we understand that for nurses and allied health pros, education never ends. That's why we've created the CEU Tracker, a free, easy-to-use tool to take care of all your CEU needs in one place.

Introducing our CEU Tracker.

With the CEU Tracker, you're able to upload all of your CEUs. You'll also get access to Trusted's free CEU course worth 4 contact hours.
Keep track
of how many contact hours you have left to meet those requirements.
Stay in the know
of the CEU requirements across multiple states.
free ceus for nurses

Personalized job matches

We take recruiters out of the equation and always put you and your interests at the heart of the search.
Nurse job matches made for you
Denver, CO
Night shift

Work-life goals

You’re more than just your job, so our tools support you in all aspects of your career, like CEU tracking, sleep science events, and mental health resources.
CEU Completion
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Honest conversations

In our forums and blogs, we feature real nurse insights and real experiences, straight from the front lines.
I want to get a new contract job. Any tips?
I want to get a new contract job. Any tips?
I want to get a new contract job. Any tips?

Compensation transparency

We show you pay breakdowns and stats upfront so you’re ready with all the info you need to make your next move.

Dedicated support

We’re always here to help you build the career you want, whether you’re on the job search or not.
new grad resources
travel nursing guide
meet your instructor

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What to expect
Enter your information to enroll in this course;
You'll receive a link in your email to complete enrollment;
Complete the course and quizzes at the end of each section;
You'll be emailed your certificate within 3-5 business days;

We’re working with the world’s most disruptive healthcare facilities.

With help from the best nurses, nationwide.

'The difference between being a Trusted nurse and working for another travel company is Transparency. I'm totally in control of my employment because I upload all my information, certifications and preferences to Trusted's portal and then I receive jobs that match my desired location, my department, and the pay rate along with information about the community the hospital serves. So helpful! And great benefits are active on Day 1!'
Sandra M.
“I finally don’t hate my job and I’m getting paid my worth.”
Sandra M.

Brushing up on a specific topic?

continuing education

Brushing up on a specific topic?

Looking for specific pointers on a topic in one of our courses but don’t have time to commit to the whole course? Or maybe you’ve completed the course already but you need a refresher on one of the subjects covered? Either way, we’ve broken up the contents of our course into individual articles that you can access anytime. Note that these won’t grant you credit on their own.

Aug. 10, 2021
What does a certified midwife do?
Article 16
Aug. 11, 2021
new grad resources
Article 15
Aug. 22, 2021
What does a clinical nurse educator do?
Article 14
Aug. 23, 2021
What does a CRITical CARE nurse do?
Article 13
Jul. 29, 2020
What does a cardiac care nurse do?
Article 12
Jul. 8, 2020
what does a home health nurse do?
Article 11
Jul. 8, 2020
what does a pediatric nurse do?
Article 10
Jul. 8, 2020
what does an obstetrics nurse do?
Article 9
Jul. 8, 2020
what does an oncology nurse do?
Article 8
Jul. 8, 2020
what does a telemetry nurse do?
Article 7
Jul. 8, 2020
what does a neonatal nurse do?
Article 6
Jul. 8, 2020
what does a perioperative nurse do?
Article 5
Jul. 8, 2020
what does a dialysis nurse do?
Article 4
Jul. 8, 2020
what does a hospice nurse do?
Article 3
Jul. 8, 2020
what does a practitioner nurse do?
Article 2
Jul. 8, 2020
what does an er nurse do?
Article 1
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