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The Basics
What is Trusted Health?

Trusted Health is a platform that connects healthcare professionals, including nurses and allied health pros, to over 20,000 personalized travel job opportunities. We offer transparency, support, and community engagement to help you build a fulfilling travel healthcare career.

What types of opportunities does Trusted offer?

Trusted Health provides contract job opportunities (both local and travel) for nursing and allied health roles, all tailored to meet individual preferences and needs.

Does Trusted work with first time travelers?

Absolutely! Trusted welcomes first-time travelers. Thanks to our unparalleled transparency and a Care Team guided by experienced clinicians, we make sure newcomers to the travel industry are well-informed, empowered, and fully supported. Just keep in mind that each healthcare facility might have its own criteria for accepting first-time travelers.

How much experience do I need to be a Trusted travel nurse or allied professional?

Our partner healthcare facilities typically require at least one year of recent experience in the specialty that you are interested in pursuing for a travel opportunity.

New grad RNs or nurses looking to switch specialties are not qualified or well-suited for contracts due to the nature of limited orientation and training. In the meantime, the Trusted New Grad Resource Center and other various tools and resources, such as the Salary Explorer, Credential Locker, or CEU tracker are free to all nurses!

Can I travel in a pair or a group?

Yes, you can travel with a partner or a group, so long as you are all able to find a job in the same location. Our dedicated Nurse Advocate team will roll up their sleeves to help make this happen!

Can I travel with a pet?

Yes, you can travel with a pet. Check out our blog on taking travel jobs with a pet!

If I take an assignment, who is my employer? The facility or Trusted?

While you'll be working at the facility, Trusted is your actual employer. We're by your side every step of the way - from linking you with the perfect job and guiding you through interviews to ensuring all the paperwork is in order, handling benefits, managing your payroll, and offering unwavering support. We've got your back!

Can I apply for a "travel contract" if I live locally?

The opportunities listed on Trusted are contract-based and don't always demand that you travel to work. Every facility has its own criteria regarding location eligibility, which you can find on the details page of each listing. And here's some good news: Trusted also provides local contracts. So, even if you don't fit the typical "traveler" mold, that contract could still have your name on it!

How long do travel nursing or allied professional contracts usually last?

Most contracts hover around the 13-week mark, but they can vary, ranging from 4 to 20+ weeks. Healthcare facilities often have a bit of wiggle room when it comes to contract duration. If a Match catches your eye but doesn't quite align with your availability, just ask your Nurse Advocate! We're here to help.

Will Trusted help coordinate and order compliance items I'll need for an assignment?

Absolutely! Our compliance team will start working with you as soon as you sign a contract to ensure that you’ve got everything you need to start your contract prepared and on time.

What type of orientation will I get?

You'll experience two orientations. First, there's an introduction to Trusted, your official employer. This covers our policies, benefits, timekeeping procedures, expectations, and the support we offer. Then, there's the facility orientation, where you'll be working. This usually starts with a general briefing, followed by a few guided shifts on your designated unit. We're big on safety and ensuring our Trusted Nurses feel confident and ready.

For a comprehensive understanding, check out our travel nursing guide. It's packed with insights to kickstart your travel career!

Can I take time off between assignments?

Absolutely! One of the joys of contract work is the freedom to pause between assignments. Whether you're keen on a relaxing break, quality time with loved ones, or a travel adventure, the choice is yours!

Will Trusted find my housing for me?

While we don't directly provide housing, we're proud of our collaboration with Landing, a travel-friendly housing company. For a deeper dive into housing options, check out our Guide to Travel Nurse Housing.

trusted benefits
What health benefits does Trusted Health offer?

Benefit options include medical, dental, and vision. There are various health plans to allow nurses and allied pros to select the coverage that best fits their needs. The cost of these plans is subsidized by Trusted, with the remaining amount deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis.

Do you offer a 401(k)?

Yes! Trusted offers a 401(k) retirement plan enabling our clinicians to save for retirement! All Trusted clinicians are eligible to opt-in to make contributions by setting up a Betterment account and setting deferral amounts.

How much does Trusted insurance cost?

The cost will vary based on the level of coverage you need. Individual costs for medical benefits start around $41/week, and there are options to add dependents, too. Insurance costs are automatically deducted from your weekly pay pre-tax. For specific plan summaries and cost sheets, please reach out to your Care Team.

How do benefits work if I take a break between assignments?

You have the option to continue your benefits between assignments if your next assignment starts within 28 days of your previous assignment ending. If you take a gap for >28 days, you will be able to enroll in COBRA during the time you are not working. You can then re-enroll in benefits on the first day of your new assignment!

Do I have professional liability insurance when working with Trusted?

Yes! We carry liability insurance and workers compensation insurance for all employed clinicians!

pay & compensation
Does Trusted offer tax-free reimbursements?

If you maintain a tax-home, you might be eligible for tax-free reimbursements as part of your weekly compensation. These payments, or stipends, are designed to assist with housing, meals, and other incidentals during your travels. Our travel contracts include stipends for these expenses, provided clinicians confirm their eligibility based on their tax situation. For a deeper understanding, we recommend checking out our Essential Guide to Travel Taxes.

What is a tax-home and how do I know if I qualify for tax-free reimbursement?

A "tax home" is your main place of business, regardless of where your family resides. To qualify for tax-free reimbursements, you must show the IRS that you maintain expenses at this primary residence, while also incurring costs on assignment. For a detailed understanding, consult our Essential Guide for Travel Taxes or a tax professional.

What is per diem pay?

Per diem pay refers to tax-free reimbursements to cover housing, meals, and incidental costs when working away from your tax home- also called stipends. At Trusted, stipends are calculated per-shift, with a weekly cap that’s set by the US General Services Administration. Essentially, travelers get a mix of taxed pay and untaxed "per diems". Any unused portion of these stipends can be extra savings, acting as an allowance for your on-the-go expenses.

How often do Trusted Health clinicians get paid?

Your very first paycheck will always be the second Friday after your start date. After that, you’ll get weekly payments every Friday, so long as you submit your time via the Trusted Mobile App by Sunday at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time (unless otherwise stated).

Does Trusted guarantee hours?

Your travel assignment comes with "guaranteed hours," which are the agreed-upon weekly hours you and the facility commit to over your assignment's duration.

However, some contracts might include a facility "call-off" or "cancellation" policy, which takes precedence over Trusted's guaranteed hours. This policy permits the facility to cancel a specified number of your shifts during the assignment without the need to compensate you. It's not unusual to encounter a policy allowing 3 or 6 shift cancellations (often structured as once every two to three weeks) in a 13-week assignment.

Are Trusted Health travel contract rates negotiable?

At Trusted, we champion transparency and fairness. Rates aren't up for negotiation because we're committed to offering you the utmost right from the get-go. Every Match page offers a clear compensation breakdown, available even before you request an interview. We've innovated our platform to eliminate middlemen, commissions, and inefficiencies, ensuring you receive the best possible pay every time. Plus, with no recruiters in the mix, you can be confident that no commission is deducted from your earnings.

Can a facility end my contract early?
  • Yes, contract opportunities operate on an at-will basis, meaning either party can end the contract anytime. Unfortunately, contract cancellations, though uncommon, are an inherent risk in travel healthcare. We always advocate for a two-week notice from the facility to offer some financial cushion. If the contract ends abruptly, our top priority is to swiftly assess the situation and secure another assignment for you as soon as possible, depending on the reason for cancellation. For additional information, check out How to Break a Travel Nurse Contract or Deal with a Cancellation.
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