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You are in control.

Trusted puts nurses in control of their career. We’ve ditched the commissioned recruiters, ambiguous pay, and old school… everything.

Here’s how you can find a job on the Trusted platform, in 5 steps:


Tell us what matters to you

This is where you get to tell us what YOU want! Take just a few minutes to indicate preferences such as location, specialty, and availability to ensure you see Matches that are relevant to you. This step takes only 2 minutes.

Who does Trusted work with?
What if I’m not sure where I want to travel?
Can I fill this out if I’m not ready to travel yet?
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Meet your dedicated Nurse Advocate

While you are in the driver’s seat of seeing jobs in real time and requesting to interview with a click of a button, your Nurse Advocate is the person who works with you each and every Trusted assignment to help you land a travel job you’ll love!

Your Nurse Advocate also leads your Care team, who helps support you through each stage of your travel journey, from onboarding to your assignment. You’ll meet the rest of your Care team when you sign your Trusted offer!

How do I know who my Nurse Advocate is?

STEP Three

See personalized Matches

No vague job listings or back-and-forth emails. View available opportunities in real-time with contract details and pay breakdowns upfront!

Why am I seeing the Matches I am seeing?
What information do I see on a Match?
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Complete your Trusted Profile

Getting your Trusted Profile complete is the key to unlocking the ability to Request Interviews.

We know what it’s like filling out several profiles, so us Nurse Advocates have worked closely with our amazing engineers to make this as simple and painless as possible. On your dashboard, you’ll see a checklist outlining all the components of a complete Trusted Profile and approximately how long you can expect it to take you to get it done! ‍

What information do you need from me?
When should I complete my profile?


Request interviews for what you want, when you want!

At this point, when you find a Match you like, all you need to do is click tap the “Request Interview” button, indicate your time-off requests, and any special needs - we’ll take it from there. Your Nurse Advocate will keep you updated!

What is the ideal number of Matches to submit to?
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