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5 Interesting Online Nursing CEU Courses You’ll Actually Want to Take

The Trusted Team
October 1, 2020
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License or certification expiring soon? Don’t sweat it—here are five interesting, online CEU courses, available for easy tracking through Trusted.

With many in-person courses cancelled due to COVID-19, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite online continuing education courses to make it easy for you to earn those credits.

Once you take the course, you can also easily track your CEU credits right on your Trusted profile, so you’ll never have to scramble before your license expires again.

Without further ado, here are five of our current favorite online courses for the modern nurse:

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ Cultural Competence Training

  • What we love about it: More than 11 million people in the US identify as LGBTQ, yet learning to care for these patients is still largely missing from the nursing curriculum. Here, you’ll discover how to provide respectful and effective care to LGBTQ patients by learning about best practices, health disparities, clinical implications affecting the community, and relevant legal issues around caring for these patients.
  • Cost: $18 
  • Hours: 2 Hours/Credits
  • LGBTQ Cultural Competence Training 

🌿 Herbal Medications: An Evidence-Based Review

  • What we love about it: Like it or not, herbal and alternative medicine is here to stay as part of life (West Coast nurses know what’s up!). As clinicians, this matters: a reported 60% of patients taking herbal medications do not disclose this fact to their healthcare provider. With this CEU, you’ll dive into a brief history of herbal medicines, the pharmacologic mechanism of action and adverse effects of these medicines, and available evidence for specific herbs.
  • Cost: $40 
  • Hours: 10 Hours/Credits
  • Course Home - Course #98393: Herbal Medications: An Evidence-Based Review 

🎗️ Cancer Screening Among Racial/Ethnic Minority Women

  • What we love about it: While it’s no secret that racial disparities exist within healthcare, one shocking statistic is that the mortality gap between Black and White American cancer patients is actually increasing. This course explores the cultural barriers that might influence minority women’s access to cancer screenings. It will take you through how to better assist minority women through screenings as well as present things to consider when setting up screening programs.
  • Cost: $20 
  • Hours: 5 Hours/Credits
  • Course Detail - Course #91802: Cancer Screening Among Racial/Ethnic Minority Women 

📿 The Role of Spirituality in Health and Mental Health

  • What we love about it: Treating patients as a whole person matters, period. In the US, 7 out of 10 people identify as religious or spiritual, affecting the way they view everything from birth to death (healthcare included). This CEU guides you through the different ways spirituality impacts a patient’s physical and mental health, and increases your awareness of how to interact with and care for patients of different spirituality (and minority) backgrounds. 
  • Cost: $20 
  • Hours: 5 Hours/Credits
  • Course Home - Course #91982: The Role of Spirituality in Health and Mental Health 

🐶 Pet Therapy

  • What we love about it: We think this one’s pretty self-explanatory. While there’s long been anecdotal evidence about the bond between human and pet and subsequent impact on wellbeing, high-quality evidence hasn’t been available until recently. In this CEU, you’ll gain a better understanding of recent studies on the importance of pets on the outcomes of patients with cancer.
  • Cost: $12 (or free with a membership!) 
  • Hours: 1 Hours/Credits
  • Pet Therapy

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