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Best Scrubs of 2024

Amanda Lundberg, RN, BSN
May 20, 2024
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Now that we’re well into 2024, you may be wondering what the best scrubs on the market for nurses right now are? Polled by Trusted nurses and the passenger side of his best friend's ride… Okay but for real, we know that scrubs are top of mind when starting a new contract. Here’s the situation from our nursing perspective:

Best Nursing Scrubs Overall

Figs: Price Range ($40-$60)

Figs easily win the Best Nursing Scrubs Overall for 2024and for good reason! They are known to be breathable while you are rushing around a busy shift, quick drying for any spills and they provide a huge variety of stylish scrubs for men and women that are comfortable! 

While these scrubs may be at the top of your price range they are always advertising sales and discounts to make them more accessible for everyone. To top it off they advertise the fabric to be anti-odor and anti-wrinkle for even the toughest of shifts.

A nurse wears pink FIGS scrubs in a healthcare facility.

Most Comfortable Scrubs for Nurses

Cherokee: Price Range ($20-$45)

Nurses not only need to look professional but above all they need to be comfortable. Long 12-hour shifts, walking 20k plus steps, and running to get supplies back and forth can be exhausting! The last thing us nurses want to worry about is how uncomfortable I feel or if my crack is showing when I bend down to check the chest tube chamber. 

Cherokee has brought their scrubs to the highest level of comfort for nurses. They are flexible, functional and provide such a variety of fabrics throughout their line that work for anyone! They are also size inclusive and go up to 5XL so everyone can feel the comfort. This is why Cherokee wins the Most Comfortable Scrubs for Nurses in 2024!

A woman smiles on the beach wearing blue Cherokee nurse scrubs.

Best Scrub for Work to Play

Scope Scrubs ($35-$40)

What’s the scoop on Scope Scrubs? 

Have you ever wondered why scrub yoga pants do not exist? Yeah, me too. Check out Scope Scrubs and support a small business! They feel like butter on your skin (SO SOFT and stretchy in all the right places), sizes from 2XS to 2XL, and all the fun color pops. Scope has made a scrub that will seamlessly transition you from jammies to working a shift, and grabbing that drink with co-workers after your shift. 

Two smiling nurses in a healthcare facility wearing Scope scrubs.

Best Nursing Scrubs for Men

Carhartt: Price Range ($30-$55)

Meet the Carhartt Scrubs: your new best friend in the medical field. These aren't just any scrubs—they're like the all-terrain vehicles of hospital wear, ready to tackle anything from unexpected spills to marathon shifts. Carhartt is the go-to gear for guys who need their fabric tough and their fit comfortable. 

With a plethora of pockets, you can carry your essentials from pens to a secret snack stash. So, whether you're sprinting to a code or surviving the third coffee spill of the day, these scrubs keep you covered—literally and figuratively.

Best Scrubs for Women

Grey's Anatomy by Barco: Price Range ($25-$50)

If there were a runway in the middle of your hospital, Grey's Anatomy scrubs by Barco would be the showstoppers. While FIGS might have snagged the title for Best Nursing Scrubs Overall this year, Grey's Anatomy is a close contender, especially for those who crave that blend of cinematic flair and comfort. These scrubs aren't just about looking good—they're about feeling good, too. The fabric is so soft and accommodating, it might just make those 12-hour shifts a bit more glamorous. 

With a palette of colors and styles designed to make any nurse feel like the lead in their own medical drama, you’re ready for your spotlight moment—whether it’s handling a code or navigating the cafeteria's lunch rush. Plus, the durability means you can look fabulous day after day, without worrying about wear and tear. Step into your shift like it's a season premiere, and let Grey's Anatomy scrubs keep you in the limelight.

Best Stretchy Scrubs

Jaanuu: Price Range ($35-$70)

Jaanuu scrubs are what happens when comfort meets catwalk. Designed for the nurse who's more agile than an Olympic gymnast, these scrubs flex and move with you, ensuring that you're ready for any sudden dashes or patient lifts. It’s like wearing your favorite gym outfit but with better spill resistance and more professional flair. 

Each piece is tailored to support your most dynamic movements without sacrificing style. With Jaanuu, you can forget about wardrobe malfunctions and focus on what really matters—like remembering where you parked your car in the hospital lot.

Best Lightweight Scrubs

Skechers by Barco: Price Range ($20-$45)

Light as a feather, cool as a cucumber—that’s the Skechers scrub promise. Ideal for the hot-blooded healthcare hero or anyone working in a tropical ward climate, these scrubs offer a breezy feel that keeps you fresh throughout those 12-hour marathons. 

The fabric is so breathable, it’s like having a personal air conditioner. On top of that, Skechers scrubs come in stylish designs that make you look as cool as you feel. So, whether you're running to a rapid response or just through your everyday routine, these scrubs help you beat the heat in style.

Best Cheap Scrubs

Once a thrifty nurse, always a thrifty nurse. Scrubs are expensive especially when your scrub color changes from facility to facility on the regular AND who doesn’t love a good deal? We’ve curated a few ideas for all our fellow thrifters. 

Second Hand

Good for the wallet and environment. Poshmark is a commerce marketplace where you can buy and sell many items, including second-hand scrubs! If you’re thinking about gross germs on second-hand scrubs, here’s a blog on how to disinfect second-hand clothes. I frequently see scrubs, such as FIGS, on Facebook Marketplace too!

Nurse discount? Did anyone else get used to asking for nurse discounts during COVID? Still do, everywhere I go. I encourage you to always check! One of my favorite places to look for current nurse discounts is through Once they verify you are a nurse, they unlock discounts on scrubs, shoes, ski passes, hotels, etc. Make sure to check it out every once in a while because the deals do change over time! 

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