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Best Scrubs of 2023

Katie Hank, BSN, RN and Jessica Crabtree BSN, RN, CPN
January 24, 2023
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As we roll into 2023 you may be wondering, where’s the best place to get scrubs? Polled by Trusted nurses, the passenger side of his best friend's ride. Okay but for real, we know that scrubs are top of mind when starting a new contract. Here’s the situation from our nursing perspective:

Best Overall Scrubs

Figs: Price Range ($40-$60)

Figs easily wins the Best Overall Scrub for 2023 and for good reason! They are known to be breathable while you are rushing around a busy shift, quick drying for any spills and they provide a huge variety of stylish scrubs for men and women that are comfortable! While these scrubs may be at the top of your price range they are always advertising sales and discounts to make them more accessible for everyone. To top it off they advertise the fabric to be anti- odor and anti-wrinkle for even the toughest of shifts.

Best Scrubs for Comfort

Cherokee: Price Range ($20-$45)

Nurses not only need to look professional but above all they need to be comfortable. Long 12 hour shifts, walking 20k plus steps, and running to get supplies back and forth can be exhausting! The last thing us nurses want to worry about is how uncomfortable I feel or if my crack is showing when I bend down to check the chest tube chamber. Cherokee has brought their scrubs to the highest level of comfort for nurses. They are flexible, functional and provide such a variety of fabrics throughout their line that work for anyone! They are also size inclusive and go up to 5XL so everyone can feel the comfort.This is why Cherokee wins the Best Scrubs for Comfort 2023! 

Best Scrub for Work to Play

Scope Scrubs ($35-$40)

What’s the scoop on Scope Scrubs? 

Have you ever wondered why scrub yoga pants do not exist? Yeah, me too. Check out Scope Scrubs and support a small business! They feel like butter on your skin (SO SOFT and stretchy in all the right places), sizes from 2XS to 2XL, and all the fun color pops. Scope has made a scrub that will seamlessly transition you from jammies to working a shift, and grabbing that drink with co-workers after your shift. 

Best Scrub for the Thrifty Nurse

Once a thrifty nurse, always a thrifty nurse. Scrubs are expensive especially when your scrub color changes from facility to facility on the regular AND who doesn’t love a good deal. We’ve curated a few ideas for all our fellow thrifters. 

Second Hand: Good for the wallet and environment. Poshmark ( is a commerce marketplace where you can buy and sell many items, including secondhand scrubs! If you’re thinking gross-germs on secondhand scrubs, here’s a blog on how to disinfect secondhand clothes. I frequently see scrubs, such as FIGS, on Facebook Marketplace too!

Nurse discount? Did anyone else get used to asking for nurse discounts during COVID? Still do, everywhere I go. I encourage you to always check! One of my favorite places to look for current nurse discounts is through Once they verify you are a nurse, they unlock discounts on scrubs, shoes, ski passes, hotels, etc. Make sure to check it out every once in a while because the deals do change over time! 

Katie Hank, BSN, RN and Jessica Crabtree BSN, RN, CPN

Jessica and Katie met in Nursing school at Xavier University, and have continued their nursing adventure together as Nurse Advocates with Trusted. Jessica has been a nurse for 4 years and before coming to Trusted she was a Pediatric Float Pool and NICU nurse! She currently lives in the Cincinnati, OH region and enjoys spending her time outdoors and with her two dogs Bronson and Milo! Katie has been a nurse for 4 years and before coming to Trusted was a NICU nurse and Peds Case Manager. She currently lives in Austin, TX and loves traveling with her dog Rylie.

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