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The Trusted Team
June 29, 2020
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Finding a travel job is one thing, but finding the right one for you is another. Today we’re excited to introduce a new way for nurses to discover their perfect travel job using the Trusted Marketplace.

Hiking in Colorado, chasing waterfalls in Hawaii, and summers in Maine… The adventurous life of a travel nurse—it sounds dreamy, right? Travel nursing opens doors to amazing new experiences, but oftentimes, actually finding that travel nurse job can be a different story.

Travel nurses can take control of their job search and more easily find their perfect next assignment using Trusted; with our intuitive online platform, nurses can access personalized job matches, easily apply to hundreds of jobs with a single application, and onboard to their new job directly on the app.

Here’s a look at how you can simplify your travel nurse job search and get to your dream destination (I mean, assignment... 😉 ) with Trusted.

Personalized Travel Nurse Job Matches in Minutes

The first step to finding your perfect travel job on Travel is to set your match preferences—these tell us what you’re looking for in your next assignment in terms of speciality, location, magnet, and shift. Using these preferences, we then connect you with the best-fit jobs for what you’re looking for across our open opportunities.

The best part? Your matches update in real-time, meaning when new opportunities are posted on the Marketplace, or you update your match preferences, your job matches automatically refresh so you’re always seeing the most relevant travel jobs. 

And if you’re not ready to actively search for a travel job now, you can always enable your New Match emails (under Account settings) to receive email updates with new opportunities as they become available.

Find the Perfect Nursing Role for You, While Daydreaming

Depending on what you’re looking for, sometimes you might be matched with dozens (or more!) of nursing jobs. If you’re in a pinch, the fastest way to find your perfect assignment is to go through your Top Matches. These results show you the most specific, best-fit opportunities for your match preferences. 

What about when you’re looking for something specific in your next assignment, but you’re also open to wildcard opportunities if the right thing comes along? Enter: matches by top cities and popular categories.

Your Popular Cities matches show you opportunities that fit everything except your location preferences, across the most populous cities in the US, like Los Angeles, New York, Houston, and DC.

You can also go through your matches by special categories, such as:

  • Highest Gross Pay (opportunities ordered by highest pay before taxes)
  • Compact License State (opportunities under compact licensure, available if you have a compact state or multistate license on your Trusted profile)
  • Shortest Contract (opportunities under 13 weeks)
  • Earliest Start Date (opportunities ordered by how soon they start)

These match categories allow you to quickly and easily sort through your personalized matches—both through your perfect fit matches and those that mostly fit your criteria, for when you’re feeling flexible. 

Transparency Into Job Details 

Next comes the most exciting part: diving into your individual matches and seeing which one is a fit for you!

As you click into your Trusted match, you’ll have access to unparalleled transparency into all the details you’ll need to decide if this role fits your goals:

  • A complete breakdown of total compensation, including tax-free stipends
  • Key facility details, such as location, size, and status 
  • Useful location insights, such as city transit scores and weather


Going through opportunities and creating your short list of saved jobs is a breeze, too. On a match page, you can pass on the ones you’re not interested in and favorite the ones you love. 

When you’re done going through your matches, you can come back to the roles you’re interested in on your Favorite Matches page and request an interview in a single click through your Trusted profile. 

Find Out What Travel Adventure Awaits You

Finding your next (or first!) travel assignment can be fun. Sign up for a free Trusted profile today to discover what travel jobs are out there for you.

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