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Trusted Engineer: Sam Scott

The Trusted Team
December 14, 2018
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Sam Scott is one of our software engineers here at Trusted Health. You might spot him riding his electric scooter through the hills of San Francisco or trying the newest pho spot. While he’s notorious for keeping our platform “bug” free, he’s also responsible for building our very own mobile app for nurses to track their time. We’ll let Sam take it from here.

Describe being an engineer and day-to-day life at Trusted Health:

I’m a generalist software engineer – I work with my fellow engineers and the rest of the Trusted HQ team to support and expand of our digital products and systems.

On a typical day I get to spend time conversing with the rest of team about how we can continuously improve our candidate and internal experiences, and then carry out programming or planning work to help make those ideas a reality. At a growing company with quick, rewarding feedback loops it’s a very stimulating way to spend your time.

Have you always been interested in engineering? How did you get started in the industry?

Totally! In general I’ve been drawn to the magic of applied technology and its ability to allow humans to operate at above-human capacity for most of my life.

I don’t think I knew what engineering was at the time, but I took an intro Computer Science class at a small public university in middle school and started creating websites for small businesses shortly thereafter. The help of many supportive people, an actual computer science degree, and a highly educational first job in San Francisco followed after high school.

What’s it like building a product for nurses?

Educational and introspective. Learning about some of the systems and people that power healthcare today is really interesting. Nurses are wonderful people to build a product for (and with) – they’re super helpful and actively let us know if something seems wrong or could better serve them. They’re problem solvers.


What do you enjoy most about working for Trusted Health?

Easy – the team + helping to create something new that resonates with people.

In every field, there are advancements and changes in research and technology that keep us on our toes. What do you do to grow and develop your skills?

Regular reading, an occasional side project, and lots of fun conversations with smart friends who work in the industry.

What gets you out of bed in the morning and gives you energy?

Gratitude for friends, family, and good fortune.

If you were a patient, what would you want in a nurse?

Responsibility, pragmatic honesty, and attention to detail.

Where do you dream of traveling to? Why?

Australia! It’s next on my list of continents to visit, and koalas are pretty cool.

What’s your favorite game or type of problem solving?

Poker and scavenger hunts are up there

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