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Nurse Fuel for Gr8ness

Sarah Gray, RN
January 29, 2019
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Looking for an On-the-Go Nurse Snack?

It’s not uncommon to have to scarf down a breakfast within 5 minutes before my phone is ringing, telemetry is alarming, or a patient call-light is going off.

Cups of coffee go cold long before they’re even half consumed.

I actually often find myself on days off needing to be reminded to slow down when eating (though I also attribute this bad habit to a surplus of handsy siblings).

#Nurselife, am I right?

Like many of you, we at Trusted Health are super passionate about health & wellness – especially when it includes delicious food. But healthy and delicious aren’t always compatible. And as nurses we all know that can be hard act to balance (donuts and pizza in the break room, anyone?).

The nursing lifestyle comes with compromises – one of which can even be our own heath.

So we were intrigued when we met Gr8nola. In the same way we aren’t just nurses, Gr8nola isn’t just granola.

Why Gr8nola?

Gr8nola believes we should have access to snacks we love because of the way they taste and what is (or isn’t) inside of them. Think about it like an effective medication without the adverse effects! Ten simple, clean, delicious ingredients, AND it’s soy, dairy, and GMO free. The added bonus of it’s convenience and portability makes gr8nola a go-to for busy mornings at the hospital, clinic, school, or when traveling (*poke, poke* you travel nurses out there)!

gr8nola nutrition

It’s safe to say that we love how gr8nola tastes. In fact, an opened bag doesn’t stand a chance around us (despite being resealable)!

At Trusted, we also crave the passion and perseverance that’s baked into every batch of gr8nola.

Erica, owner and founder, is a solo entrepreneur, Stanford grad, and badass athlete to boot. She couldn’t find what she wanted so she went and created it herself. Gr8nola became a hit at farmers’ markets just three months after its formula was perfected. It wasn’t long before Google got their hands on it and invited her to participate in their Micro Kitchen fair.

gr8nola nutritional snack

She had to go from home-baking 20 pounds of granola to over 200 pounds. But guess what? Erica believes that when you have an opportunityto do something, you have to make work, and you WILL find a way, if you want it bad enough. She produces tons (literally) of gr8nola every month using the same handmade process that started in her home kitchen and supplies Google and other tech companies in the Bay Area.

Erica gets what it means to be a Modern Nurse. She believes in living life to your values and with a purpose, surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, and teaming up with other passionate people. So we did just that! The lucky winner of our Modern Nurse Giveaway will get hooked up with (and hooked on) some gr8nola.

Erica is on a mission to make you #hungryforgr8ness—in everything you do – whether it’s at the bedside or beyond. Gr8nola fuels Trusted Nurses to deliver, achieve, and experience gr8ness in nearly every aspect of their lives.

gr8nola perfect snack for nurses

Trusted Nurses' favorite ways to eat gr8nola:

- straight-up (by the handful)
- in yogurt
- on chia
- sprinkled on a salad
- topping for a smoothie or acai bowl
- with almond milk and blueberries *our personal fave!
- on toast with almond butter
- sprinkled over pancakes or french toast
- on caramelized bananas with chocolate
- ice cream/fro-yo topping

Which option would you go for?

Want more ideas? Head over to gr8nola for recipes!

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