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June 2, 2023
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In the world of healthcare, it's all about teamwork. Healthcare professionals from various disciplines, all working together to ensure the most efficient and comprehensive care for our patients. Here at Trusted, we've taken this same spirit of collaboration and applied it to our care model for travel nurses and allied health professionals. Because we believe that no one understands the unique challenges and triumphs of a nurse or an allied health professional better than those who have worked a 12 hour shift in those shoes.

We firmly believe that a team-based approach, spearheaded by nurses, is vital to ensure a comprehensive and optimal experience, from the initiation of your job search to the successful completion of an assignment. That’s why we’ve adopted a clinician-first approach. Our Trusted Care Team experience is consistently led by our Nurse Advocates who possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges, circumstances, and joys experienced by clinicians. As nurses themselves (and potentially former travelers!), our Nurse Advocates genuinely empathize with the experiences of travel nurses or allied health professionals.

Introducing Nurse Advocates

Nurse Advocates harness their clinical experience and industry knowledge to navigate you through your search as you browse our jobs for travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals. They ensure that you are oriented to the Trusted experience, anticipate what lies ahead, and feel confident about your options and decisions. They prioritize your best interest at all times.

They meticulously review your Trusted profile and offer valuable suggestions to enhance your candidacy for the opportunities you're interested in. They help you showcase the depth and breadth of your experience with each application. Nurse Advocates shoulder the responsibility of coordinating with fellow teammates to ensure a smooth transition through your Trusted journey.

Just as we aspire for continuity of care for our patients, we aim to provide the same for our nurses and allied health clinicians. Thus, we strive to pair you with the same Nurse Advocate for each subsequent Trusted job search, hoping to foster a deep, personal connection akin to that between a long-term patient and their family.

Your Advocate During Assignments

All Trusted Nurse Advocates have at least 2 years of clinical experience, have demonstrated a commitment to improving the nursing profession, and have a natural passion for connecting with and supporting others.  They will support you through any questions or concerns related to your facility or Trusted employment and can provide proper advocacy and escalation, if necessary.

Your Nurse Advocate works with your Compliance Coordinator to ensure you are properly onboarded to Trusted and credentialed for your upcoming assignment.  The goal is that you feel prepared for your assignment from a knowledge, planning, and expectation standpoint.

Your Nurse Advocate is a dedicated go-to confidant while you’re working your assignment, and can help troubleshoot things such as pay packages, benefits, and facility issues. They also effectively manage and escalate your feedback related to your experience with Trusted and healthcare facilities.  They utilize the feedback you share to improve the Trusted experience and strengthen partner relationships.  

Your Partner in What Comes Next

Nurse Advocates can also assist you with extension opportunities for your current assignment. When your assignment is wrapping up, your Nurse Advocate will check in to help you explore the opportunity to extend or options for your next assignment. 

Your Nurse Advocate will never pressure you to take an assignment or extension that you’re not interested in.  If you want to take take 3 months off to vacation- great! We totally support and encourage you to take that time for self-care.  We’ll be happy to reconnect when you are ready to get back to it! 

The Trusted Difference

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