How Nurse Advocates & Clinical Success Partners apply their nursing education and experience to help Trusted Nurses

Jun 10, 2022
The Trusted Team

When it comes to care delivery, we know that dedicated, interdisciplinary teams provide the most comprehensive and timely care. As nurses, we understand the importance of leveraging the insights and experience of specialists and subject matter experts. And we know the power and impact of the care a nurse can provide. Here at Trusted, we applied these insights to the travel nursing experience to support and empower those that care - nurses. We believe that the same team-based approach, led by nurses, is necessary to provide the most holistic and optimal experience from your job search to onboarding and successful completion of an assignment.

To do that, we’ve hired registered nurses to the Trusted team as Nurse Advocates and Clinical Success Partners, in addition to other roles within marketing, compliance, and management, among others. We knew that in order to build the products, processes, policies, and tools that would fundamentally change nursing and healthcare, we needed nurses. So from day one we’ve taken a nurses-first approach. That means ensuring everything we do, say, build and spend time and resources on has a nurse-first perspective and to do that, we’ve invested in becoming nursing inside-out. 

Internal nurses at Trusted

We have over 50 nurses internally at Trusted who bring clinical, policy, travel, staffing, and leadership insights and expertise and infuse it into the work we do here at Trusted. Collectively, they bring over 250+ years of clinical experience across 42 different specialties. That’s been critical to our ability to provide a consistent and differentiated Trusted experience.

As a nurse, you know it’s difficult for people to truly understand what we do, what our jobs entail, and the things that accompany the unique lifestyle that is nursing. We think it’s fair to say that no one understands a nurse quite like a fellow nurse, that there’s greater understanding and ability to empathize and support when you speak the same lingo, can understand and imagine a scenario without needing all the details, and have experienced the lifestyle firsthand.

Nurse Advocate and Clinical Success Partners are uniquely qualified to provide unparalleled support when and how you need it the most. And they are standing in your corner every step of the way.

Nurse Advocates

Nurse Advocates are the folks that will help you during your job search, from sign up to placement. They will work with you to understand your goals and strategize with you to help you land your perfect assignment. Here is a little more about our (and your!) Nurse Advocates.

  • Nurse Advocates leverage their clinical experience and knowledge of the travel nursing industry to guide you through your job search to ensure you understand how Trusted works, know what to expect, and feel confident about your options and decisions.
  • They review your Trusted profile and make suggestions to ensure you’re a strong candidate for the opportunities you’re interested in and that you’re showcasing the breadth and depth of your experience.
  • They collaborate with Care Coordinators and Compliance Coordinators to ensure you’re set up for success as you transition through your Trusted journey.
  • They act as a conduit for your feedback and ideas for how the Trusted experience can consistently be improved.
  • Nurse Advocates provide that ‘continuity of care’ that we strive for for our patients - and you’re likely to be paired with the same Nurse Advocate for each subsequent Trusted job search.
  • All Trusted Nurse Advocates have at least 2 years of clinical experience, have demonstrated a commitment to improving the nursing profession, and have a natural passion for connecting with and supporting others. 
  • Many have not only worked alongside travel nurses but have traveled themselves. Some Nurse Advocates have even been Trusted Nurses!
  • Some of the required competencies to be a Trusted Nurse Advocate are excellent written and verbal communication, active listening, flexibility, strong organizational skills, and being action-orientation.
In addition to empowering you to use your Match preferences to see jobs that align with your needs, Nurse Advocates connect with you to understand your goals, values, and concerns, and strategically advocate to help you land an assignment aligned with both your personal and career goals.

Clinical Success Partners

Clinical Success Partners are with you from day one of your assignment through the end. They will support you through any questions or concerns related to your facility or Trusted employment and can provide proper advocacy and escalation, if necessary. Here is a little more about Clinical Success Partners.

  • Many of them have not only worked alongside travel nurses but have traveled themselves. Some Clinical Success Partners have even been Trusted Nurses!
  • Some of the required competencies to be a Trusted Clinical Success Partner are people & customer focus, action orientation, problem-solving, excellent written and verbal communication, and attention to detail. 
  • Clinical Success Partners are meant to ensure nurses feel supported clinically, professionally, and personally.
  • They support your navigation through problems and conflict management objectively with a positive attitude.
  • They ensure nurses are properly onboarded to Trusted and feel prepared for their assignment from a knowledge, planning, and expectation standpoint.
  • Clinical Success Partners effectively manage and escalate Trusted Nurse feedback related to their experience with Trusted and healthcare facilities and utilize the feedback to improve the Trusted experience and strengthen partner relationships.
  • They provide performance feedback to help nurses achieve growth & excellence as it aligns to both the Trusted Nurses’ goals and the Trusted brand.
  • Your Clinical Success Partner is a dedicated go-to confidant while you’re working your new assignment, and can help troubleshoot things such as pay packages, benefits, and facility issues.
All Trusted Clinical Success Partners have at least 3 years of clinical experience, one year of manager or supervisory experience, and project or process management experience.

This is just one part of the Trusted difference

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