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How Travel Nurses Thrive as Moms on the Move

Audrey McCollough, RN, BSN
May 9, 2024
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Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing travel nurse moms and allied health moms out there! Today, we celebrate your unwavering dedication to both motherhood and a thrilling career on the move. 

At Trusted Health, we understand the unique challenges and incredible joys that come when you are travel nursing while pregnant or travel nursing with your family. Your Care Team at Trusted is here to provide unwavering support and guidance, ensuring that you thrive as a travel nurse mom. 

So, whether you're an expecting mom ready to embark on this adventure, or a seasoned mom seeking to add more excitement to your medical adventures, this blog post is for you! Let's dive into essential tips and insights, unlocking the wonderful world of mixing motherhood with the boundless adventures of a travel nurse.

3 Tips for Travel Nursing While Pregnant

1. Prioritize Communication with Your OB

Before embarking on a travel nursing assignment while pregnant, it's crucial to check in with your OB.  You’ll want to make sure there are no foreseeable complications that could limit your ability to work or be away from your primary doctor for extended periods of time. 

To ensure the best care throughout your pregnancy, even through the unexpected, we recommend having your OB recommend another doctor you can access near your assignment location if needed. Open communication is key to address any concerns and provide you with the peace of mind you need as you plan your incredible journey.

2. Strategic Contract Negotiation

Negotiating your contract strategically can greatly enhance your experience as a travel nurse and expecting mom. Work with your Nurse Advocate during the offer process to choose an end date that aligns with your due date, or plan to end your assignment a few weeks before. By doing so, you can focus on the joy of motherhood without worrying about work commitments becoming too much of a strain.

Remember, if anything changes during your pregnancy that limits your ability to continue working your assignment, your Trusted Nurse Advocate is here to do just that - advocate for you! You and your baby’s health is always the priority, so if it comes down to it, your Nurse Advocate and Clinical Operations Manager at can can help you end your assignment early in a way that doesn't burn any bridges if need be. These members of your Care Team are nurses too, (some of them are moms themselves!) and are truly on your side!

3. Utilizing FMLA and Other Benefits

Healthcare coverage is of course an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to navigating your pregnancy! FMLA is available with Trusted and allows you to continue your health coverage and retain employer contributions during your leave, even once your assignment ends! This benefit helps you save money on your premiums by maintaining that employer contribution! Connect with your Trusted Nurse Advocate to explore if you qualify for FMLA and to learn more about additional benefits that vary by state! 

Navigating Maternity Leave as a Travel Nurse

Unlike traditional staff positions, where taking maternity leave might involve a lot of red tape, travel nursing offers an unparalleled level of flexibility. This flexibility means you can plan for a longer gap between assignments, giving you the precious time needed to bond with your newborn without the stress of rushing back to work.

Financial Planning

One of the first steps in preparing for maternity leave as a travel nurse is getting your finances in order. Given the break in consistent income, it’s essential to build a financial cushion that will keep you comfortable and stress-free during your time off. Start by setting aside a portion of your paycheck into a savings account specifically for your maternity leave. Consider consulting with a financial planner who understands the nuances of travel nursing to help you set realistic savings goals and to navigate any financial aid or grants available for expectant mothers in your profession.

Focusing on Mental Health

Transitioning into motherhood is a beautiful journey that also comes with its set of emotional and physical challenges. It's crucial to prioritize your mental health during this period. Take advantage of online support groups for nurse moms, where you can share experiences, challenges, and tips with peers who understand your unique situation. These communities can provide invaluable emotional support and practical advice. Additionally, consider engaging with a therapist who specializes in maternal mental health, offering you a safe space to navigate any feelings of anxiety, stress, or postpartum depression you may experience.

Strategies for Returning to Work

When you feel ready to dive back into travel nursing, approach the transition with patience and flexibility. Start by evaluating how you feel physically and mentally. It’s important to choose an assignment that aligns with your current state and allows for a smoother transition—for instance, opting for assignments with less demanding hours or those closer to home. Communication with your Trusted Nurse Advocate is key; they can guide you through your options, ensuring you find an assignment that meets your new needs as a mom. 

The beauty of travel nursing is that it accommodates the various stages of your life, offering flexibility and support when you need it the most. As you embark on this new chapter, know that your Trusted Care Team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless transition back to the work you love, on terms that best suit your new life as a mom.

3 Tips for Travel Nursing With a Family

If you’re a mom already, or wonder if you’ll be able to return to travel nursing after you’ve had your baby, you should know that travel nursing with your family is a great option for you! So many moms choose to continue travel nursing and the profession offers so much flexibility that it ends up looking a little bit different for everyone!  Whether you choose to bring your family with you on assignment, or squeeze in quality time between shifts, here are some things to keep in mind!

1. Knowing Your Contract Options

It’s important to know that travel contracts aren’t your only option! Trusted does offer local contracts. This means that you can choose to take a contract closer to home and receive your pay as taxable wages, since you wouldn’t qualify for tax free stipends in this scenario. Your nurse advocate can help you to determine which of your matches offer a local option if staying at home is what works best for you and your family!  

2. Creating Family-Friendly Assignments

If you do decide to take a travel assignment, you can choose to take your family with you, or return home whenever you can. Travel nursing with your family (or having your family come to visit you) opens up a world of possibilities for shared adventures. When selecting your assignment, consider family-friendly locations that offer a range of activities for everyone to enjoy during visits. Our Trusted Nurse Advocates are here to guide you in finding assignments that cater to the needs and interests of your loved ones!

3. Manage Your Work-Life Balance

Balancing work and family time is of utmost importance for travel nurse moms. That's why we encourage you to work closely with your Nurse Advocate during the offer stage to help you negotiate a commitment that will work well for you and your family. For example, some moms choose to work at facilities that will allow block scheduling. With longer stretches of time off between shifts, you'll have more opportunities for meaningful family moments.

To make the most of your time with your family, it’s best to plan ahead and consult a calendar before signing your contract. Work closely with your Trusted Nurse Advocate to request time off for major family events, such as birthdays, holidays, performances, or tournaments. With early planning and facility approval, you won't have to miss a single milestone!

Embrace the Journey of Travel Nursing! 

As a travel nurse mom, you don't have to navigate this incredible journey alone. When you travel with Trusted, our Trusted Care Team is there to provide support, advocacy, and personalized guidance to help you thrive in your career, in whatever way is best for you and your family. Celebrate this Mother's Day with the knowledge that you have a dedicated team behind you, ensuring your success every step of the way.  

Audrey McCollough, RN, BSN

Audrey McCollough, RN, BSN, is a pediatric critical care nurse who traded her scrubs for a laptop to come work internally at Trusted two years ago. With eight years of critical care experience and four years of travel nursing under her belt, Audrey now uses her experience and expertise to support others in the healthcare industry, particularly her fellow nurses. When she's not at work, Audrey loves to explore the great outdoors! Hiking, skiing, or just soaking up nature's beauty - Audrey is all about it.

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