Introducing the Trusted Timecard App

Oct 12, 2020
The Trusted Team

Can we talk about the logistics of travel nursing for a second? From finding housing, to compliance and onboarding, to orienting yourself to a new facility… it can be a lot.

At Trusted, we’re on a mission to make finding, preparing for, and having a great travel assignment as easy as possible. That’s why today we’re excited to share with you the new and improved Trusted Timecard app—the simplest way to manage your hours and get paid while on assignment.

The App That Makes Submitting Hours Easy

Available exclusively for Trusted Nurses, the Trusted Timecard app allows you to:

  • Easily access important timecard details on-the-go, such as timecard due date and hours already submitted, right in the app
  • Add custom shift details, with hour type choices such as on-call, orientation, charge, and lunch time, and a better experience for non-standard work weeks
  • Simply edit and delete hours and preview timecards prior to submitting your timecard with our easy-to-navigate user experience

Here’s a peek at how submitting your hours using the new Trusted Timecard app works:

Interested in Traveling With Trusted? 

With transparent pay details, easy onboarding, and end-to-end guidance from a dedicated Care Team, Trusted makes it easy for travel nurses to find the perfect assignment.

To discover what travel opportunities are out there for you, and try our new app for yourself, create a free Trusted profile to get started today.