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Introducing the Landing and Trusted Health Housing Partnership

Alexandra Sani, RN, BSN
May 11, 2022
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Let’s face it, finding housing for an assignment can be one of the most challenging aspects of Travel Nursing. How can we help alleviate the anxiety of finding a place, moving in, setting up utilities, and the (hopefully unlikely) chance your contract is canceled and you’re left stuck in a lease?! Simple answer: Landing!

Meet an innovative, modern, flexible furnished housing resource that caters to Travel Nurses! I know first hand how slim the short term housing market can be (especially if you throw in a pet!)- I’ve stayed in hotels, vacation rentals, AirBnb’s and apartment leasing. Speaking from 5 years of experience as a Travel Nurse (9 moves, 5 states, endless memories!), Landing was hands-down my favorite and the most uncomplicated housing experience on my journey. Here’s why.

Who is Landing

Think AirBnb but easier, more reliable and with more freedom. Landing is a nationwide network of the largest supply of furnished apartments of any one provider. They are in 375+ cities and growing! The company rents specific units in apartment complexes that they furnish and offer all inclusive rates for. (Unfurnished is available too.) If you don’t see one in your city, let them know; they have the ability to install/furnish a new apartment in as little as 7 days!

Why Landing

For me, it was the seamless move in (all done on the app and super easy, like Trusted!), being greeted upon arrival (and asked what snacks/drinks I’d like stocked in the fridge, wait what?!), all inclusive rate, location location location, and of course being pet friendly! The freedom to easily transfer to one of their many apartments across the U.S. appealed to my traveler's heart. Also, the ability to extend a lease if I extended my assignment, which I did!

Not to mention, the apartment was adorable and refreshing all at the same time. It felt so good to walk into housing that was clean, modern and simplistic after a long shift. Landing housing is a great way to get the local feel of an area and it makes it easier to meet people living in an apartment environment. Having access to apartment amenities is priceless when in a new area- gym, secure parking, pool, community events, dog parks, etc.! Many apartments are located in the pulse of the city where you’ll find coffee shops, restaurants and the like close by, if not within walking distance.

Image of a waterfall over a pretty green lake.
Day trip hike from my Landing apartment in Nashville, TN

Trusted Nurse Perks

Landing has created a unique discount code for Trusted (TrustedHealth300)* that will give travel nurses $300 off any Landing reservation greater than 90 days.

Your benefits include:     

  • No security deposit
  • Waived application fees
  • Only 14 days of notice required if your Trusted assignment is canceled or terminated
  • Lease length of 1 to 12+ months
  • Transfer to other apartments in their network
  • The discount code will not be a one-time code, as in the same travel nurse will be able to apply it to multiple reservations
  • Dedicated Landing account manager to help secure your next housing!

*Trusted may be entitled to a referral payment for utilization of a referral code

Learn More

Landing: Rent Flexible-Lease Apartments Anywhere In The U.S. (Video)

Brochure outlining how Landing works

Details from Landing

I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing Landing with our Trusted Nurses and truly hope it elevates your experience as much as it did mine!

The author with her dog

Road trip from Nashville, TN to Asheville, NC!

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