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Mandala Scrubs: A Real Review From a Travel Nurse

Amanda Lundberg, RN, BSN
December 20, 2023
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Welcome to our comprehensive Mandala Scrubs review. Here, we explore their fit, comfort, and how they fare against other popular scrubs brands like FIGS.  You know as well as I do how much of a difference the right set of scrubs can make in our non-stop, action-packed shifts. So, let's jump right in!

Mandala Scrubs Quality: A Nurse's Perspective 

You know how we're always on the lookout for gear that can keep up with our hectic days (and nights). Well, Mandala Scrubs are stirring up some buzz in our circles, and I think I know why.


Mandala has seriously upped the game in terms of durability. You know those shifts that seem to never end, and you find yourself bending, stretching, and basically doing a workout?  Mandala’s got us covered. Their fabric blend, which is usually a combo of polyester and spandex, is like the superhero of scrub materials. It's stretchy enough to let you move like a ninja but tough enough to handle the zillion washes we put our scrubs through.

These scrubs are built to last. Mandala scrubs hold their color, shape, and that just-right fit wash after wash. It's like they're in it for the long haul, just like us.


Mandala scrubs are so comfortable, they're like that favorite pair of yoga pants you can't bear to part with. Soft, flexible, and they don’t go rogue on you when you’re reaching for supplies or bending over a patient’s bed.


The fabric blend isn’t just about looking good and feeling comfy. It’s practical too. Their “Equa-Tek” spill-repellent technology is woven into the fibers of the fabric, enhancing the breathability of each garment. It wicks away moisture (because let’s face it, our job gets sweaty), and it’s pretty wrinkle-resistant. Who has time to iron when you’re juggling 12-hour shifts, right?

Assessing Mandala Scrubs Fit & Comfort Reviews for Every Shape & Size

I get it, hunting for the perfect scrubs can feel like you're on an endless treasure hunt. But let me fill you in on why Mandala Scrubs could be just the gem we've been looking for.

Overall Sizing: A Wide Range of Sizes to Celebrate Inclusivity 

First things first, Mandala gets a high five for recognizing that we're not all cut from the same cloth. Their inclusive sizing is something to cheer about. Whether you're built like a yoga instructor or a powerlifter, Mandala has something that fits just right. It’s refreshing to see a brand that gets that one size (or style) does not fit all in the healthcare world. From petites to plus, Mandala has you covered. 

Plus Sizes: A Perfect Fit for All

For my plus-size warriors out there, Mandala hasn’t just upsized their regular scrubs and called it a day. They've tailored their plus-size collection to hug and flatter in all the right places. Because let’s face it, we want to feel fabulous, not frumpy, when we’re on the floor. These scrubs are cut to enhance, support, and provide that snug-yet-comfy fit that lets us move without restrictions. And that confidence? It shows in our work!

Maternity Scrubs: Comfort During Pregnancy

For the amazing moms-to-be, Mandala’s maternity line is like a dream come true. These aren’t your typical “let’s just add some extra fabric” maternity wears. They’re designed to grow with you and your little one, providing support and comfort that’s so crucial during pregnancy. It’s like having a gentle hug around your belly, keeping you and your bump safe and snug through every trimester.

Mandala Men's Scrubs: A Tailored Fit for Male Clinicians

Now, let's not forget about the guys in our nursing family. Mandala's lines for men are spot on. We're talking about scrubs that respect your differences – broader shoulders, hips, heights, you name it. The men’s line is structured without being restrictive, offering ease of movement and practicality. It combines style and function in a way that makes you feel empowered and ready to tackle anything the shift throws your way.

Finding the Right Fit

What I really love about Mandala is how they've nailed the fit. Not too baggy that you’re swimming in fabric, and not so tight that you're holding your breath. You know what I mean – those scrubs that are just right, giving you room to breathe, stretch, and hustle without any wardrobe malfunctions.

So, if you’re tired of the one-size-fits-none situation, give Mandala a try. It’s like they’ve walked a mile in our shoes and created scrubs that celebrate our diverse and incredible nursing family. Comfortable, stylish, and inclusive – that’s Mandala for you. Because at the end of the day, when we feel good in what we’re wearing, it shows in the care we provide. 

Mandala vs. Top Scrubs Brands

When it comes to scrubs, we've got some strong contenders in the ring – Mandala, FIGS, Cherokee, and Grey's Anatomy just to name a few. Each brand brings its own flair to the table, so let's break it down. 

Mandala vs FIGS Scrubs

Starting with Mandala and FIGS: both brands are like the cool kids on the block. Mandala stands out with its inclusive sizing and budget-friendly prices, making it a hit, especially for those of us watching our wallets. On the other hand, FIGS scrubs have made a name for themselves with their trendy designs and high-quality fabric that's both durable and comfy – think of it as the stylish scrubs that you’d wear to a healthcare fashion show. However, when it comes to range, especially for plus sizes and maternity wear, Mandala seems to edge out with more tailored options.

Mandala vs Cherokee and Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

Now, let's talk about where Mandala lines up against Cherokee and Grey's Anatomy scrubs. Cherokee is like that reliable old friend – consistent, dependable, and always there when you need them. Known for their durability and classic designs, they're the go-to for many of us who want no-fuss, functional attire that lasts. Grey's Anatomy, inspired by the TV show, brings a bit of Hollywood to the hospital with its sleek designs and soft fabric. While they score high on style, some find their sizing a bit more limited compared to Mandala's extensive range. 

So, if you’re looking for that perfect blend of style, comfort, and inclusivity, Mandala might just be your match. In the end, it's all about what suits your style, needs, and the demands of those long shifts.

Where to Purchase Mandala Scrubs

Let's talk shopping for Mandala Scrubs – because let's face it, we nurses deserve retail therapy too! If you're itching to get your hands on these comfy gems, the only place you can purchase new ones is from the Mandala Scrubs official website. It's like the scrub supermarket – you'll find their full range, from the classic styles to the latest and greatest, and all the sizes and colors under the sun. Plus, they often have deals and discounts, including free shipping for orders over $50, and free returns.

Something pretty cool from Mandala – their "Know Your Cost" policy. This is a game-changer, friends! Mandala's being super transparent about how much it actually costs to make their scrubs. It's like they're opening up and showing us the price breakdown – from the materials to the labor, right down to the nitty-gritty of shipping and handling. They’re basically saying, "Here's what it costs us, and here's what you're paying for." No hidden fees, no markups that make you raise an eyebrow. It's their way of building trust with us, the hardworking nurses who wear their gear. In a world where we're used to prices being a bit of a mystery, Mandala's approach is like a breath of fresh air. Knowing exactly where our hard-earned money is going? That’s a big thumbs up in my book!

Addressing the Drawbacks

While Mandala Scrubs has certainly caught our attention with their range and comfort, it's important to acknowledge some areas where they seem to be falling short. We've heard from a number of folks in our nursing community about challenges with customer service, including a lack of a direct customer service number and some hiccups in order accuracy. It's not uncommon to hear about orders not quite hitting the mark. 

Plus, with a rating of 1.4 out of 5 stars on BBB, it's clear there's room for improvement. That said, it's worth noting that every company has its growing pains, and we're hopeful Mandala will take these critiques to heart. After all, feedback is a powerful tool for growth. So, while there are these bumps in the road, it doesn't entirely dim the shine of what Mandala offers in terms of product quality and range.

Final Thoughts on Mandala Scrubs

Mandala Scrubs prove to be a solid choice in the healthcare world, blending quality, comfort, and a wide range for all body types. Their commitment to diversity and practicality in design marks them as a brand worth considering.

As you gear up for your next shift, remember the right scrubs can elevate your work experience. Mandala’s range is there to meet your needs, despite some areas for improvement in customer service.

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