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October 13, 2022
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Nurse Advocates are your career partners here at Trusted! Each nurse who joins Trusted is paired with one of our Nurse Advocates to help find, connect, and pursue the right opportunity for you. They’re all Registered Nurses, and some have been traveler nurses themselves! Now they're taking on the next challenge in their careers — to fundamentally change the way nurses search for and find jobs.

Jeff C

Pediatric Hem/Onc/BMT & Peds ED

Education: ​​Xavier University - Go Muskies!

Why Trusted? I heard nothing but great things from fellow travel nurses. I love how Trusted is changing the culture & landscape of the travel nursing industry. Also, my co-workers are amazing!

Bucket List Idea: Living in Italy

Go-to Happy Hour Order: Whiskey based cocktail

Favorite Karaoke Song: Frank Sinatra - “That's Life”

Fun Fact: I’m colorblind

Kelly S 

Oncology/ Palliative Care/ Med-Surg

Education: Plattsburgh State

Why Trusted? I loved the blogs, nurse support and the mission

Nursing Aversion: end of life wounds were always breathtaking

Go-to Happy Hour Order: Gin fizz drink with a side of french fries

Favorite Hobby: being in the garden or riding my horses

Fun Fact: I have an uncountable amount of freckles, so many that I look tan in the summer. Freckle Tan 😎

Olivia M


Education: Loyola University Chicago for BSN and Indiana University for MSN

Why Trusted? I was super inspired by the Trusted mission to help people everywhere get care as well as the mission to be a nurse first company!

Nursing Aversion: Anything involving eyeballs

Bucket List Idea: I would love to invest in and flip a property and be involved in the construction and design process from start to finish!

Favorite Hobby: Training my dogs!

Go-to Happy Hour Order: Chardonnay :)

Madi C


Education: Ivy Tech

Why Trusted? During my bedside years, I loved helping my fellow nurses feel confident in their role and grow in their practice. When I had the opportunity to focus directly on helping nurses all over the world live out their dreams, it was an easy choice.

Favorite Bedside Procedure: CVL, PICC, or CT dressings! So satisfying to get everything clean :)

Favorite Hobby: Binge watching the latest hot Netflix series

Favorite Game: Mario Kart or Wii Tennis

Preferred Scenery to Live in: The beach!

Jessica C

Pediatric Float Pool and NICU

Education: University of Louisville and Xavier University

Why Trusted: I love Trusted's forward-thinking and nurse-first approach! Their overall company goals resonate with ones similar to what I wanted as a bedside nurse, this inspired me to make the change in my career.

Nursing Aversion: NICU eye exams

Bucket List Idea: Visit/hike all of the National Parks

Go-to Happy Hour Order: Fried Pickles!

Favorite Hobby: Riding four-wheelers

Courtney P


Education: University of Texas 🤘🏻

Why Trusted? The "nurse-first" mentality!

Go-to Caffeine Fix: Nitro cold brew with sweet cream

Coolest Place Visited: Africa!

Favorite Karaoke Song: “Goodbye Earl” Dixie Chicks

Favorite Meal: A burger and’s never as good when you make it at home!

Zaleka W

Med-Surg Oncology

Education: University of Missouri-St. Louis - Go Tritans!

Why Trusted? Trusted exudes teamwork, true intention with a nurse-centered focus, and innovation! It's a magnet for caring people to band together to support and pour into our nurses. All nurses are pretty amazing :)

Go-to Caffeine Fix: As a night-shifter, Bangs were my besties, specifically, Blue Razz and Star Blast!

Bucket List Idea: Explore Thailand and ride an elephant!

Favorite Hobby: Board game enthusiast, amateur dancer and painter!

Favorite meal: Chicken afritada and pork sinigang

Alexandra S


Education: UNC Charlotte

Why Trusted? I love that I am able to advocate for nurses and work remotely! 

Coolest Place Visited: Bali!

Go-to Caffeine Fix: Iced White Mocha

Favorite Hobby: Playing with my two dogs: Griffin and Papaya

 Go-to Happy Hour Order: Chips and salsa

Katie G

Pediatric Hem/Onc

Education: Miami University, and then Xavier University for nursing school!

Why Trusted? I loved how Trusted was changing the game of travel nursing to be nurse-first - and I wanted to be a part of that!

Favorite Bedside Procedure: Port access (especially a really tricky one!)

Bucket List Idea: Hike Everest Base Camp!

Favorite Karaoke Song: “Goodbye Earl” Dixie Chicks

Fun Fact: I'm the youngest of 5 girls! And I'm part Greek.

Jess P


Education: University of Pittsburgh - H2P!!

Why Trusted? I was inspired by the nurse-first approach and transparency! These are two things that I valued or always looked for while traveling myself!

Go-to Caffeine Fix: I miss San Diego's Better Buzzed Coffee everyday so I do my best to re-make it at home with their famous "Vanilla Powder". 

Bucket List Idea: I would love to go on a safari, backpack through Southeast Asia and ride in a hot air balloon!

Favorite Karaoke Song: “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse

Fun Fact: I recently learned that I have Synesthesia - whenever I hear a word/letter, I also see it in a particular color. I basically thought this was everyone's experience until my sister told me it had a name!

Jamie R


Education: Aultman College of Nursing

Why Trusted? I was looking for a way to be able to use my skill set outside of bedside nursing and I loved the idea that I could help advocate for nurses here.

Favorite Hobby: Going on walks with my family, listening to music

Coolest Place Visited: Puerto Rico

Favorite Karaoke Song: “One of These Nights” Eagles

Favorite Meal: Pasta

Cierra M


Education: Alcorn State University. Go Braves!!

Why Trusted? I had such a positive experience during my assignment with Trusted and wanted to be a part of giving my fellow travel nurses that same experience!

Bucket List Idea: Sky diving in Hawaii!

Favorite Hobby: Binge watching True Crime Docs

Go-to Caffeine Fix: My go to order is an Iced Chai Tea latte w/ Oatmilk, 3 pumps of Vanilla syrup, and Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam! Delish :)

Favorite Karaoke Song: “With You” by Chris Brown

Ashley E


Education: University of North Dakota

Why Trusted? I wanted an opportunity to support my fellow nurses rather than my patients without pursuing the nurse management path.

Favorite Bedside Procedure: Not a procedure per se, but nothing beats transferring a baby over to their parents to be held for the first time.

Bucket List Idea: Cage dive with Great White Sharks

Go-to Happy Hour Order: Mozz sticks & I ask the bartenders to make a fun, fancy cocktail based on what i’m feeling that day

Coolest Place Visited: Cinque Terre, Italy

Lindsay H

Emergency Medicine

Education: Widener University - Home of The Widener Pride, led by Chester & Melrose

Why Trusted? I loved the idea that I play a part in helping patients everywhere get the care they deserve by assisting nurses find career paths they're passionate about using innovation and technology.😊

Nursing Aversion: Sputum, 100%...or bed bugs

Coolest Place Visited: Greece! 

Favorite Karaoke Song: “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips

Fun Fact: I was an elementary school teacher before going back to school to become a nurse.

Shai B

Adult/Pediatric Float Pool

Education: WGU

Why Trusted? I wanted to advocate for nurses how I've never been for myself and I wanted to journey more into nursing informatics and tech, & felt this was a good bridge without losing my foundations!

Bucket List Idea: I want to go to Thailand or South Korea and just eat until I have fulfilled my every food desire.

Favorite Hobby: Karaoke - I sing on Smule quite a bit!

Favorite Game: Board game - Life

Go-to Happy Hour Order: I love the sampler platters because I'm extremely indecisive and I never want a full app of anything lol

Emily D

Labor and Delivery

Education: University of South Carolina -- Go Gamecocks!!!

Why Trusted? I love Trusted's nurse-first approach and think that the ease and accessibility of our product is a game changer for nurses.

Nursing Aversion: GI bleeds, trachs, anything to do with eyeballs

Bucket List Idea: Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany!!!

Go-to Happy Hour Order: Espresso Martinis

Favorite Karaoke Song: “Yeah” by Usher

Fun Fact: I've gone swimming with sharks, skydiving, paragliding and zip lining many times!

Laura K


Education: Johns Hopkins University 

Why Trusted: I want to help make positive change in the Healthcare industry.

Go-to Caffeine Fix: Vanilla Latte

Favorite Hobby: Running and Yoga

Coolest Place Visited: Japan

Favorite Meal: Fish Tacos ordered out!

Stacie B

Acute and Critical Care Pediatrics

Education: Acute and Critical Care Pediatrics

Why Trusted? The title itself "Nurse Advocate" - The ability to ensure that nurses' voices are being heard spoke volumes to me!

Bucket List Idea: Owning a home in Hawaii and walking to the beach with my husband and kids every day!

Favorite Hobby: Spending Money (:

Favorite Karaoke Song: “Friends in Low Places”  Garth Brooks

Go-to Happy Hour Order: Chips and queso!

Ryann D

Labor & Delivery, Mother-Baby, Obstetrics

Education: Belmont University in Nashville

Why Trusted: Trusted allows me to combine my nursing knowledge and experience with my passion for innovation, process improvement, and curiosity for the business world. Once I learned Trusted's mission and culture, I knew I wanted to be a part of this unique team that advocates for nurses in so many ways!

Go-to Caffeine Fix: Vanilla Cold Brew

Bucket List Idea: To go skiing abroad!

Favorite Hobby: Trying new workout classes

Fun Fact: I'm allergic to Cheetahs! Learned this in South Africa when I was able to meet one at a Cheetah rehabilitation center.

Katie H

NICU and Pediatric Case Management

Education: University of Wisconsin and Xavier University

Why Trusted? The fact that Trusted promotes nurses helping nurses drove me to want to join the team!

Go-to Happy Hour Order: Anything with Tequila :) 

Coolest Place Visited: Patagonia

Favorite Game: Spike ball..such a fun beach day activity!

Fun Fact: In my former life I was a wilderness guide!

Allison A

NICU & Pediatric ECMO

Education: St Elizabeth School of Nursing

Why Trusted? I love interacting with other nurses and find it a true blessing to represent how Trusted advocates for their clinicians!

Favorite Bedside Procedure: ECMO cannulation or a bedside diaphragmatic hernia repair

Favorite Place Visited: Zion National Park

Go-to Caffeine Fix: Chai Tea Latte

Fun Fact: I live on 23 acres of wooded land! It has become a real treat to be able to go for a woodsy walk right out my back door :)

Jeffrey T


Education: Southern Connecticut State University

Why Trusted? I found Trusted later in my travel career. It was the only company that offered me true autonomy in my search.

Nursing Aversion: Day shift!

Bucket List Idea: RV living

Favorite Hobby: Hitting up local concerts

Fun Fact: I still travel with my partner for work, there's a good chance I've been to your next travel spot!

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