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Nurses Review: Hoka Shoes

Courtney Jones, RN
July 1, 2020
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Last time, we took a look at the brand new line of Clove shoes (which you can read about here). Today, we’re going to talk about Hokas. As a tried and true big-time fan of Danskos, I am not going to lie, I was a bit nervous to try these Hoka shoes.

However, after reluctantly tossing my Danskos in the trash after a few years of wear and tear, I was open to giving something new a try! 

nurse courtney jones stands in hospital corridor posing with hoka nursing shoes

Hoka Shoes Review

On long shifts when I would wear my running sneakers instead of Danskos, my feet would start burning six hours in. You know that tight burning feeling only relieved by sitting for a long period of time with your feet elevated, which is of course, totally doable mid shift! 

Enter the Hoka Bondi 6—what looks like your average running shoe, but feels more like a pillow/cloud/tempurpedic foot heaven—a game changer for nursing footwear! I am so pleasantly surprised that I have yet to have that unbearable burning feeling with these Hokas! 

I have a couple friends who use these shoes for running, too, and love them! I have yet to strap them on for the running miles, but maybe one of these quarantine days!

Special Features

What Hoka describes as an “internal heel counter” feels like a uniquely supported pillow not found in other shoes on the market. Other nurses with a history of foot injuries, neuropathy pain, knee and back pain have also been flocking to this shoe and raving about how their bodies feel after their shifts.

The “bucket seat” heel support makes your whole foot feel cushioned! The mesh design of the shoe also enables your foot to breathe throughout the shift, which I appreciate. Coming in at only 8.6oz, the lightweight yet supportive features of the Hoka definitely separate this shoe from others on the market. 

I find them to have a little more room than my other same sized shoes, which for me I do not mind for a work shoe, but you may want to downsize if you are inbetween sizes. They do have free returns inside the US as well.

The height of these shoes is definitely a pro for me, even at 5’10”, I love an excuse to add a couple more inches. After rolling my ankle playing sports in college, I'm notorious for rolling my ankle running the hospital floor in Danskos.  

I am so pleasantly surprised by the great ankle support of these shoes! The cushion is unlike anything my feet have felt before. Honestly, I feel like I am legitimately standing on a supported cloud all day. I thought this might lead to lower back problems, but so far so good!


nurse courtney jones wearing hoka shoes in hospital garage hoka nursing shoes

Really the only con of these shoes for me is their appearance. I feel like they are a bit bulky looking, but I would much rather have comfort over fashion in the hospital. I am a bit weary of the white color for hospital wear, so I may suggest one of their darker colors. And I wish I could wipe them down after a not-so-lucky shift with bodily fluids exposure… 

They are a bit pricier than Danskos and other running shoes, but for me, the extra $20 is worth it to ensure my feet are in good health! Hoka also offers a 30-day guarantee, so give them a try, and if they aren’t for you, send them back for a full refund or exchange! 

Bonus: they also have a blog with inspirational stories and at home fitness ideas for your days off at home! Overall, I am happy that I went out on a limb and switched up my go-to hospital shoes, and I am excited to keep wearing them! Consider the Hoka Bondi 6 to be tried…. and trusted!

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