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Nursing Jobs Beyond the Bedside (Pt. 1): What Else Is Out There?

The Trusted Team
February 10, 2021
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You likely keep hearing that you have unlimited career options when it comes to the nursing profession, but what’s actually out there? What (and where) are these elusive careers beyond the bedside that you keep hearing about?

We’re excited to share with you a three-part series that explores this topic in full!

Nursing Jobs Beyond the Bedside

Our first event in this series focuses on nursing jobs beyond the bedside that you can explore right now. Both our speakers have followed non-traditional career paths and will help you take the road less traveled. 

Two nursing career experts, DR. Nicole Thomas, DNP, RN, CCM and Dr. Dan Weberg, PhD, RN, will share concrete career pathways available for nurses who want to explore options beyond the bedside. 

Regardless of your background and clinical experience, this event will give you the tactics and tools to seek out alternative nursing roles including informatics, working at a tech company, hospital jobs you never thought existed, and other places to find nursing roles beyond the bedside.

Below, you will find an arsenal of different career trajectories and an understanding of how to reach these various career paths and goals. 

Watch the full event recording below, or continue on for a recap.

The Paths to Working in Your Dream Area of Nursing

In order to find, invest in, and devote yourself to new, non-traditional areas of nursing, some research and extra legwork will be required. Here are some of the ways you can begin this journey:

  1. Incorporate your professional and personal experiences
  2. Get certification(s) or additional training
  3. Find an internship
  4. Look beyond what is right in front of you (i.e. look outside the box!)

4 Non-Traditional Nursing Jobs Away from the Bedside

Let’s explore a few common, yet non-traditional nursing jobs that are available away from the bedside.

1. Nurse Informatics

What is Nurse Informatics?

The understanding and focus on the translation between nursing practice and technology to build more efficient healthcare systems.

Typical Jobs

  • Nurse Informaticist
  • EMR Builder
  • Quality Leader

Level-Up Jobs

  • Chief Nurse Informatics Officer (CNIO)
  • Head of Nursing for Tech Company
  • Innovation leader
  • Super-user and implementation expert for various technologies

Where to Find These Jobs

  • Linkedin
  • ANIA (local chapters)
  • AMIA
man and woman with masks on in office in front of computer health policy nurse informatics

2. Health Policy

What is a Health Policy Nurse (HPN)?

With a strong background of hands-on nursing expertise, HPNs are able to aid and act as policy makers within our government and healthcare systems.

Typical Jobs

  • Non profit advocacy
  • Community organizations
  • Research/Academia

Level-Up Jobs

  • Regulator at a BON
  • Driving policy for large organizations (Amazon etc)
  • Drafting legislation
  • Politician

Where to Find These Jobs?

  • American Public Health Association
  • City Websites
  • County Health Departments

3. Nurse Wellness

What is Nurse Wellness?

An individual whose primary purpose is to help individuals set physical and mental health goals and develop a specific plan to achieve them.

Typical Jobs

  • Health and wellness nurse

Level-Up Jobs

  • Private practice 
  • Wellness practice
  • IV hydration
  • Holistic health

Where to Find These Jobs

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Private organizations
woman cutting cilantro parsley nurse wellness jobs away from the bedside

4. Managed Care Nurse

What is Managed Care?

A health care delivery system that is organized with a purpose to manage cost, utilization, and ensure access to quality healthcare.

Typical Jobs

  • Case Manager
  • Care Manager
  • Clinical Resource Manager

Level-Up Jobs

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Consulting firm
  • Direct case management practice

Where to Find These Jobs

  • Insurance companies
  • State agencies
  • Independent Consultant

4 Non-Traditional Locations to Practice Nursing

If those types of roles don’t spark your fancy, think about the location where you want to practice nursing. Maybe you want to work from your own home? In that case, you can search for remote nursing jobs that suit your interests.

disneyland castle nontraditional nursing jobs themepark nurse

1. Oncology/Chemotherapy Clinics

  • Cannabis Nurse

2. Paramedics & Hospitals

  • Flight Nurse (must complete the Department of Transportation Air Medical Program)

3. Disney World, Universal Studios, Disneyland, and other theme parks

  • Theme Park Nurse

4. College and Professional sports Team ( SEC, ACC, NFL, NBA, etc.)

  • Sports Medicine Nurse 

Opportunities for Nurses in Tech

We heard a little bit about working at a startup as a nurse from our very own Sarah Gray, RN, but here are some other opportunities to think about. Amazon is more than the #1 e-commerce company.


  • Telehealth
  • Direct care
  • Innovation/informatics


  • Data and informatics


  • Direct care, Informatics


  • Solutions team, sales, informatics

Tips for Landing a Non-Traditional Nursing Job


  • Join professional organizations
  • Attend conferences
  • Attend events not related to nursing
  • LinkedIn

Become a Subject Matter Expert

  • Research
  • Write articles
  • Engage in speaking opportunities

What’s Next? Where to Start

These are the steps you can take now to seek out a nursing job beyond the bedside:

  1. Create and show love to your LinkedIn profile
  2. Enroll in a continuing education course (and research your area of interest at length to become very familiar with your area of interest)
  3. Beef-up your resume 

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