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Real Moments Make for Trusted Connections

The Trusted Team
December 6, 2022
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As Trusted employees and traveling healthcare professionals, we are all so much more than our jobs. Our stories and the people who play a part in them make up a (wonder)full life.

As we settle into special times with friends and family this season, what stories will you tell that warm your heart from this past year?

Here at Trusted, we have quite a few. Since we aren’t recruiters that work on commission, we have real human connections here that are able to support you through whatever life may bring, no matter where in the world you’re at. Here are a few highlights that our Trusted family shared from this year.

Deb B. (Trusted Operations Coordinator) + Amy W. (Progressive Care Registered Nurse)

Amy is a long-time Trusted nurse. She's had multiple placements with us over the last 2 years. She is quick to complete compliance items and so fun and easy to work with! I love getting to hear about all the fun things she gets to do with her grandkids or on her farm.

Amy was set to start a placement in August and the day before she was supposed to have orientation, her mother's health quickly declined. She was in a tough spot because she didn't want to let the hospital down, but also knew how important it was for her to be with her mother.

I got the chance to talk with Amy and hear about her mother, the ways she had been there for Amy and others, how she was so strong in her faith, and how much of a fighter she has been over the years with her ups and downs in her health. Amy's mom was not a stranger to being hospitalized, but this time she was put on end of life care. Amy was so torn over what to do and I was able to share how my dad passed away 3 years ago. Working in healthcare, we so often put the needs of others first, but we also have to remember to prioritize our own needs outside of our work. We discussed that being with family in such a difficult time is something that you'll never get back. After talking through options, Amy decided to cancel the contract to stay at home with her family and spend as much time with her mom as possible.

Amy reached out when she was ready to return to work later that year. We were able to get her set up with the same facility and even got her cleared to start a week earlier than planned! Amy shared how thankful she was for our support through such a difficult time and how great it was for her to get back to work with her patients after taking some much needed time at home.

“It has definitely been a trying few months and you guys have been so supportive! You guys are the most amazing company to work for!” -Amy W.

Courtney P. (Trusted Nurse Advocate) + Demi G. (Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse)

Demi went through an incredibly tough time and decided it was time to take her first travel assignment. We spent so much time on the phone as I supported her through her situation and desire for a change, and finally landed her first travel assignment! She was canceled during onboarding and was extremely discouraged but maintained the "it wasn't meant to be" attitude. We landed her another assignment that kicked off her traveling career! At her very first assignment, she ended up meeting her significant other, and has stayed in that location on various assignments ever since. We were on a nickname basis and built a friendship over our time working together! 

“Aww, and now we’re engaged! Courtney was truly the best.” -Demi G.

Russ M. (Trusted Nurse Advocate, Senior Works Success Partner) + Nathan J. (Intensive Care Registered Nurse)

Nathan and I connected over three years ago. He was ready to call it quits with travel nursing after having a bumpy ride with his previous contracts and agencies. We set up a time to do an intro chat and spent close to an hour talking about what he and his wife wanted out of life, his passions, his career and experience goals. We probably spent 30 minutes of that call just talking about our mutual love of fly fishing.

Nathan decided to give Trusted a chance and see if his travel fortunes would change. They did! He was able to lock down an assignment the same week. It was the perfect location for him and his wife and the highest pay he had ever received for a travel assignment. Without the cumbersome negotiations and back and forth typically required he was able to focus on what he does best, delivering patient care to the most critically ill patients. Safe to say his experience was excellent and he's been traveling with Trusted for the last 3 years. He was able to expedite his financial goals and they recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family!

Since that initial phone call, Nathan and I have become true friends. We share in our success and encourage each other during the tough times. We have helped each other grow as husbands and fathers and I think our wives and children are thankful for that! Every time I'm traveling through his neck of the woods we make it a priority to connect and spend time together. I'm forever grateful that our paths connected all those years ago. It's been an awesome experience for me to be able to support Nathan as he works at the bedside and I look forward to continuing our friendship!

Paige S. (Trusted Clinical Success Partner, Brand Associate) + Danielle M. (Outpatient Clinic Registered Nurse)

I had the privilege of getting to know Danielle as her Clinical Success Partner during her first assignment at Trusted (that’s still going!). Through working with her on many extensions, I was able to follow her journey through getting engaged, planning her wedding, going on her honeymoon, and settling into married life - at the same time that I was. We had so much fun talking about all things related to life and travel and I was able to advocate for her to get the extensions and time off she needed to enjoy that season of her life. I got to see photos of her having a blast on her bachelorette party and looking stunning on her wedding day! Even since moving to the Marketing team at Trusted, we still keep in touch and share any tips, travel suggestions, photos, and recommendations - I always look forward to her bright, emoji-filled messages!

My first assignment with Trusted I got to work with Paige. I think the world of her! She truly embodies what is to be an advocate for Trusted. I could trust she would handle contracts, extensions, and time off like a boss! If the hospital was dragging their feet Paige was there to light the fire under them to get things moving! These processes could have been frustrating but Paige was so personable that she truly got to know me & I her. She wasn’t just some person behind a screen I only messaged about my assignment. I truly look forward to her popping up in my inbox to chat about the daunting wedding planning process that turned into honeymoon planning then married life chats. We had such similar visions we started calling each other “soul sisters”. I have been working the same assignment with Trusted for 2.5 years and counting - it has allowed me the work life balance I’ve been longing for - from the flexible schedule allowing me to wedding plan in another state to being able to work in a two week honeymoon on a tropical island! -Danielle M.

Happy holidays, and cheers to another year of genuine connections.

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