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Real Spooky Stories from Trusted Nurses

The Trusted Team
October 31, 2023
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In the hushed corridors of hospitals where life whispers at its most fragile, nurses often encounter experiences that defy explanation.  As you continue reading down this page, we’ll peel back the veil on the ordinary and usher you into a dimly-lit realm where the extraordinary resides. 

From the quiet murmurs of spectral visitors, to eerie premonitions in the dead of night, these first-hand accounts promise to intrigue, chill, and profoundly resonate. Brace yourself as we venture into the unknown and inexplicable, guided by nurses within our very own Trusted Community.

The Flat Line One-Liner

"I was working a 26-bed ED with only a new grad RN (and no APP) when the only physician on shift... coded."

- Matt T, RN‍

Phantom Pediatrician

“I'll never forget this experience from my early days as a pediatric nurse. Working in one of the oldest wings of the hospital, during the night shift, I witnessed something that still puzzles me to this day. 

Children, who are generally extraordinarily perceptive, began noticing an unexplained presence precisely around six in the morning. Several of them, unprompted and with striking consistency, asked about 'the doctor' who had just visited. They described him as a tall figure, with gray hair, glasses, and always wearing a white coat.

Eventually I had to ask my colleagues about this mysterious man. 'Oh, that sounds like Dr. So-and-so,' they said nonchalantly. 'He used to work here, but he passed away some time ago. We believe he still makes his rounds, checking in on the children.'

I had never seen any pictures of this doctor, yet every child recounted the same image. It was an eerie realization that perhaps those we've lost continue to watch over their charges, existing in a space between our reality and theirs."

-Jeri F, RN 

Invisible Presence in the ICU

“My most unsettling experiences stem from my days in the ICU, specifically within two spacious rooms previously designed for multiple patients but, for the past several decades, have been repurposed for ECMO due to the necessity for ample equipment. These chambers, witnesses to countless moments of human fragility, have been theaters to an overwhelming number of inexplicable events.

Though it's common for older fixtures within the hospital to randomly malfunction, peculiar occurrences seem to haunt these rooms with a disquieting frequency. Imagine call bells that ring without a caller, televisions that flicker to life on their own, or motion-activated sanitizers and paper towel dispensers startling the silence, reacting to an unseen presence.

Occasionally I’ll have to go investigate the source of a strange sound in these rooms. Each time I have to silence a call bell or power down a TV, a prickling awareness crawls over me, a chilling question nipping at my heels: am I truly the only one here?

One time, the mystery culprit was actually a member of the housekeeping staff, innocently cleaning a call bell. But in all other instances, I faced an empty room where the stillness spoke volumes. Each encounter, without fail, sends an icy shiver skating down my spine.”
-Danielle, RN 

Unseen Forces at the Nursing Station

"It was well past midnight, and there I was, focused on charting, alone at the nurses' station in an older nursing home. Out of nowhere, all the charts flew off the shelf, as if pushed by invisible hands!

I was out of there so fast; I snatched up my belongings and ran to the other station.

Never in my career had I witnessed such an unexplainable phenomenon, especially since the shelf was perfectly intact on the wall! I insisted on company for the rest of the night!"

-Jamie N, RN

The Unsettling Tale of Colleen's Last Escape

"During my tenure as a nurse manager at a community nursing home, I encountered an inexplicable occurrence while covering for a sick supervisor during the night shift. At precisely 0250, an unnerving symphony began, as every door alarm simultaneously erupted into frantic buzzing.

Initial disbelief led me to suspect a system malfunction because the scenario of multiple residents attempting an escape seemed implausible. I rallied my team, particularly the newer members, to inspect each door. The relentless alarms persisted for an agonizing 20 minutes until a veteran CNA returned from her break. She assessed the chaos, the alarms, and then me, clutching the control box, and declared matter-of-factly, 'Open the window; Colleen wants out.'

Skepticism made her insistence seem like a dark jok, but her intensifying urgency couldn't be ignored. 'She'll grow angry; open the window...' Compelled, I opened the window. In an instant, the alarms ceased across every floor, right down to the basement and all was quiet again.

The memory sends shivers down my spine to this day, heightened by the image of the opened window’s curtains billowing, as though a presence had swept through them, chasing an unseen escape. Colleen, as it turned out, was a centenarian pioneer resident of our home, passing away at 108 with no kin to mourn her. That night, it seemed she had one last journey to make."

-Brian M, RN

Night-Shift Whispers

"On a quiet night in OB, with no patients to attend to, my colleague Jeannie and I dedicated ourselves to restocking supplies and conducting routine checks, anticipating a relaxed shift ahead. While Jeannie handled the labor rooms, I took charge of the nursery, focusing particularly on the special care section nestled at the back.

It was there, amidst the silence, that a gentle whisper carrying my name broke the stillness. Assuming it was Jeannie, I ventured toward the desk area, finding it unexpectedly empty. Shrugging off the peculiarity, I returned to my tasks in the special care unit.

Moments later, Jeannie appeared, a puzzled look crossing her features. 'Did you call for me?' she inquired. As we exchanged stories, a chill crept over us. She heard her name in the same tender murmur that I heard mine.

We found ourselves grappling with an unsettling realization: our unit, secured for infant protection, couldn't be breached by outsiders. Yet, the whispered names—soft as a sigh—left us questioning if, perhaps, we weren't as alone as we believed."

Dora C, RN

Until Next Time!

As our parade of haunting encounters dims, we're left with the goosebumps and chills that only such spectral tales can bring. But remember, these stories don't end here, nor does the camaraderie that thrives in shared experiences, spooky or otherwise!

Feeling a tingle down your spine and have your own eerie tale to whisper? Join the Trusted Community Facebook Group! Here, your stories find a home amongst fellow night-shifters and day-dwellers, all part of the nursing world's mysterious tapestry. Share, laugh, and shiver together. After all, who doesn't love a good spine-tingling story now and then? 

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