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Our Picks for Bringing Style to your Shift

Emily Davis, RN
March 14, 2023
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What’s one thing all healthcare workers have in common? We are proud of what we do - and we love to rep our profession! I’m here to help you do it in style :) 


Hair Accessories

One of my favorite ways to show my personality while wearing scrubs is hair accessories! At the start of the pandemic, headbands and scrub caps became super popular and have remained so today. My go to scrub cap shop is EYIPShop on Etsy! This seller from Florida has the cutest styles for any occasion from holidays to fun patterns to tacos :)

Headbands can be found all over Etsy as well (might be my favorite site to shop, can you tell?)! ZillymooseHeadband’s store has so many medical themed twist headbands, you can find one for most specialties. Check out this cute lab themed one, great for lab techs! 

Other Accessories

Earrings can also spice up your scrubs and make great conversation starters with your patients! For example, take these clay earrings from @poppyandgrayy on instagram - perfect for Labor and Delivery nurses, scrub techs, anyone in an OBGYN office and beyond. So adorable and made by a Labor and Delivery nurse so you know some extra heart went into making these!

Quite possibly the best conversation starter and way to make me laugh is to have a clever badge reel. I looked for years, searching for the best and funniest and I think I have found them! Snarky Nurses’ Snarky Badges are THE best in the game! There is something for everyone, some related to nursing and some not - but all will make you proud to wear them. They even love to poke fun!


Now we all know that the hospital is freezing, especially at night - I was always raiding the blanket warmer! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cute, warm, soft sweatshirt that could transition from work to home? Well look no further, than ORThreads and ShopComfyTreasures. I mean just look at these!

From your head to your toes, I’ve got you covered! Because the next most important piece of gear is compression socks. Not only can your socks be adorable or rep your favorite sports team but they are really good for being on your feet for a long shift. Some favorites from all of my friends are Bombas, Wellow and Pro Compression. Check these out from Pro Compression, they are sure to bring a smile to your day!

Practical Gear


I love shoes! How could you not? But being stylish and working in healthcare doesn’t always mix. There are a few tried and true options that will allow you to show off your individuality. First, the classic Dansko Shoe - comfy, cute and practical! They have waterproof uppers and some super cute patterns, and they come in slip on styles too!

Next up, the c̄love shoes! These shoes were designed by healthcare professionals with other healthcare professionals in mind, so you know they have thought of it all! C̄love has options for both men and women and they are constantly coming out with new color releases.

For your typical everyday shoe, healthcare professionals (including myself) flock to Hoka and On Cloud! These brands are known for being practical, comfy, stylish - all the things you need for a long shift!

Bags, Water Bottles and Lunch Boxes

Showing off your style is possible from the second you walk into work! Lately luggage brands like Beis and Dagne Dover have taken the market by storm and they have the CUTEST backpacks. Their backpacks provide enough space for all of the essentials you may need for work! You can put your jacket, stethoscope, clipboard and more in these backpacks and then still have space left over. Not a backpack kinda person? Check out their tote bags that serve the same purpose!

Now that we have that sorted, what about your lunch? My personal favorite lunch box is from Scout - I mean look how cute! These lunch boxes come in several shape and size options, as well as patterns!

And most importantly, we all need to stay hydrated! Something that healthcare professionals constantly struggle with on shift, but maybe if you had a stylish water bottle you would remember to hydrate! The latest water bottles to burst onto the scene are Owala, Stanley and Simple Modern! Stanley tumblers are the latest hot topic - Simple Modern is Stanley’s less expensive cousin. But I use my Owala every day and couldn’t be more pleased with the features of this water bottle - from the handle, to the lid, to the fact that you can sip through a straw or pour it through the spout. I love it! 


On the unit, pens are hard to come by and they somehow always mysteriously disappear. The best way to keep track of your pens is to have pens with a unique style so you can definitively say they are yours! Here I go again, sending you back to Snarky Nurses for their awesome and hilarious pens! Again, they have styles for many specialties and are constantly adding new packs to the collection! Check out these cuties for Peds!

Even though we as healthcare professionals have a uniform, and one that looks like pajamas at that, it doesn’t mean that we have to hide our style! It’s still important to show off your individuality in ways that are special to you and yet still allowed by administration ;). I encourage you to branch out and let your style shine!

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