Top 15 Nurse Bloggers and Influencers

Kelly Samolis, RN
March 16, 2021
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We all remember back in nursing school when we were told to stay current in our practice and were recommended to subscribe to some sort of nursing journal? Yes, doing so can still be very beneficial, but times have changed and there are now SO many alternative resources out there as well.

And by resources, I mean nurse influencers and bloggers. Through many of these personalities, you can find nursing education and lifestyle, wellness, and beauty tips. Some even have great nursing communities to share ideas and questions with. Here’s my list of the top 15 nurse bloggers that you should follow!

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Top 15 Nurse Bloggers and Influencers 

1. Nurse Blake


Blake’s blog provides the comedic relief nurses need, while also advocating for a better community within the profession. Nurse Blake is perhaps one of the biggest nurse bloggers among social media platforms. 

He made his debut with the scrub romper and grew a following of over 200,000 in one year. He is known for his comedy, but his blog is more than just funny videos. He created the Banned4Life movement while a nursing student. Blake, says in an interview, “I’m here to encourage nurses to use their voice to make positive change.”

2. Nurse Sarah


Nurse Sarah presents an informational blog, with a focus on “how-to” videos, interview preparation, and NCLEX tips and tricks. I truly wish I had Nurse Sarah when I was in nursing school! Her mission states, “Our mission is to help aspiring nurses, nursing students, and new nurses.” 

Her blog has an abundance of information like resume samples, statistics of RN pay, clinical skills, nursing quizzes, and the list goes on!

3. Leah Helmbrecht


Leah answers frequently asked nursing questions and shares her personal journey of travel nursing (@offtheclocknurse). She is focused on her traveling experience—both on and off the clock—and covers her journey through her blog, Off the Clock Nurse.

4. Brittany Greaves


Brit started her own blog called Catch Brit If You Can, where she shares about her life and covers everything from travel nursing to relationships to bucket lists! She says, “Here we talk about navigating nursing, travel nurse life, and international medical missions. In life you may fall but the strength comes from getting up, brushing your shoulders off, keeping calm, and nursing on.”

5. Kelsey Rowell


Whole Life Nurse & Career Coach, Kelsey has a strong focus on helping nurses build their career. She has a variety of posts with a staff-nurse focus, helping nurses understand their options and negotiate what they are worth. I personally love her posts on burnout and self-care in nursing. She is a refreshing kick in the rear and a must-follow for all my nursing friends!

6. Ebony Thyme


Ebony has been interviewed by Forbes and Insider. Her social media presence focuses on teaching and inspiring women to build the confidence to travel solo. She has a ton of resources on how to optimize your travel NP lifestyle and take the adventures you’ve been dreaming of!

7. Tori Meskin 


As a NICU nurse (@nurse.tori_), she has a focus within that speciality on her blog, but it doesn’t stop there. She shares a lot of great information on career advancement, as she is working on her MSN right now. Along with skin-care and wellness, she has a fun variety of content and informational educational information. She makes me, an adult ONC nurse, want to work in the NICU!

8. Portia Wofford


Portia has a focus on helping nurses grow themselves professionally and financially with side hustles beyond the bedside. She has a ton of helpful information and fun reads on her blog. She also has a ton of resources on writing that focus on how to be a writer and nurse.

9. Alexis Nicole 


Alexis’ YouTube channel, The Nurse Nook, covers everything from nursing salaries to career advice. She’s a pediatric nurse who focuses on nurse lifestyle and wellness. She shares the perfect mix of nursing and health & beauty content, along with wellness and workouts!

10. Powerhouse Nurses


Their brand motto is, “A brand inspiring and empowering nurses and all healthcare professions.” If you check out their Instagram profile, you will see pages of inspirational nurses and their unique stories. I love to follow this brand for the inspirations and positive vibes that are much needed within nursing culture. 

11. Annette Tersigni


Annette focuses on self-care and how to eliminate burnout through mindful and intentional yoga practice. Her motto is, “Relieving Stress for Nursing and Improving Patient Care.” Self-care is often preached but not always put into practice within healthcare. Her blog makes it easier in a variety of ways. She also has a podcast and Yoga Nurse training courses. 

12. Kimberly Ellis


Kim is a Nurse Practitioner with an educational focus on diabetes. She has a great blog, along with a strong community focus within many social media platforms. Her focus on education is in  diabetes management and related factors.

13. Crystal the IV Queen


Known as the Intravenous Queen, Crystal is the queen of all things IVs. She shares a TON of informational content with the goal of making everyone an IV wizard. Nothing is worse than missing an IV with a room full of family members watching and a patient in need of medications. She takes IV education to a new level, covering all the major roadblocks and bumps along the way. Her why? “To positively impact the world and support those wanting to learn.”

14. Kim Darpoh


Kim is a blogger, influencer, and ambassador. She brings so much fun and entertainment to the table. She is an ER Nurse who has tips and advice from nursing and beyond, including mom and beauty tips! She is an all-around great follow!

15. Cat Golden


Cat is a nurse mentor and founder who has plenty of experience under her belt. She focuses on creating a community of nurses and then using that community to inspire and uplift each other — and the nursing profession altogether! Her goal is to help nurses manage their time, take clear actions toward fulfilling their goals, and give back to others without burning out themselves.

I hope you enjoyed checking out all of these incredible nurse bloggers and influencers, and if you found their content useful or entertaining, that you’ll share their handles with your nursing friends!

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