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Top Apps Every Nurse Needs Now

Nov 1, 2017
Sarah Gray, RN

And they’re probably not what you think.

No NCLEX, drug guides, or symptom checkers here.

There’s a lot about a nurse’s lifestyle that’s extremely unique. But that doesn’t mean the only things we’re interested in or need are nurse-specific! These apps just make our lives generally better and solve problems that may just plague us more as nurses.

Headspace: the night before a shift, the morning after…sometimes we just need to turn our thoughts off. Especially since no one enjoys work dreams. Enter Headspace — meditations: themed, guided, short, long, whether you’re a newb or the Dalai Lama. According to company research, use of Headspace has been found to “enhance compassionate behavior toward others, reduce daily and perceived stress, and promote subtle improvements in focus, attention and the ability to ignore distractions.”

Nursegrid: 3 days a week, some nights, some days, never the same — your schedule, that is. “Technology Built for Nurses. Finally.” We couldn’t say it better ourselves. You can enter months of shifts into the calendar, including non-work events and your personal schedule. No more paper planners or schedule mix-ups. You can even share with family and friends to make socializing with co-workers far easier! Best of all? You can get it for free! Let ’em know Trusted sent you!

Audible: Easily consume information and books wherever you are. Need a new way to beat a long commute? Can’t fall asleep the night before work? Need some distraction on your break? Knock out two birds with one stone and listen to a book at the gym. #knowledgeANDpower.

Mint: just as we take physical, mental, & emotional health seriously, we shouldn’t neglect our financial health! With the mint app, you can track all accounts, credit cards, spending, and work expenses! Don’t forget to track nursing-related work expenses for write-offs!

Nike Training: Despite the fact that I hit at least 10,000 steps and 12+ hours of standing time per shift, working out is a must for me. It clears my mind, gives me more energy, and sometimes is exactly what I need after a particularly stressful shift. But it can be hard to find the time, motivation, or space to get in a good workout. NTC app solves that — with workouts of varying duration and intensity that you can do practically anywhere.

What apps make your life (as a nurse, and a human) easier?

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