Trusted Health at TravCon 2019

Sep 14, 2019
The Trusted Team

Every September brings The Travelers Conference, also known as TravCon, back to Las Vegas for a couple days of community, education, and fun!

Travel Healthcare Unite!

TravCon is an annual travelers conference held for healthcare travelers - licensed nurses, therapists, CNAs, technicians, sonographers, and those who serve them in their traveling careers (employment/staffing agencies, MSPs, etc.) - to provide updates and insights for traveling healthcare professionals in a relaxed, low-pressure setting. 

This year's conference was a combination of giveaways, lectures, classes, and events! There were tax experts there to help answer questions around stipend eligibility, maintaining a tax home, and addressing other financial concerns travelers had. Furnished Finder and Airbnb were also there with suggestions on how to approach housing planning and accommodation, along with strategies, tips, and suggestions. There were classes where travelers could obtain their certifications and obtain CEU (continuing education units) credits!

Sponsors were raffling off t-shirts, pens, bags, shoes, and other goodies! Travelers even had the chance to win a Range Rover! We put on a QR code scavenger hunt and awarded 50 of its winners with custom Trusted Health Apple AirPods!

With almost 2,000 travelers, there were lots of connections made with both new and familiar faces!

Major Topics Discussed During the Conference

  • How technology is changing the way travelers connect to jobs
  • Work & travel assignments in Australia
  • Opportunities outside of hospital walls
  • Staying fit on the road
  • RV housing
  • Traveling with pets
  • What makes companies different: why work with multiple ones?
  • The credentialing process
  • Changing specialties as a travel nurse
  • Marijuana - used or not - places your license at risk!

Notable Attendees

We certainly learned a lot this TravCon (including how much fun nurses have when they get together)! It was an incredible opportunity to meet more of our Trusted Nurses in person and get their live feedback. It’s important for travel nurses to understand their options, resources, and how working with various agencies can impact the ways in which they connect to opportunities and manage their travel nursing careers.

We believe in making the traveling experience a more efficient and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. For this reason, events like this are a great way for us to speak face-to-face with you (the true heroes!) to best understand what you're looking for in an agency.

At Trusted, we’re passionate about making the travel experience more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved. Events like TravCon are a great way for us to hear directly from you (the real champs) to best understand what matters most to you. While we at Trusted don't consider ourselves a traditional "agency," we can help you get from point A to B in your travel journey in a way that focuses on you and your experience.

If you didn’t make it this year, we hope to see you next time!