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Travel Nursing for the First Time (With Trusted Health)

Kasandra Holmes, BSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM
January 26, 2021
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Travel nursing produces some of the most adventurous, exciting people in the world. We’re not born with the ability to fly off into the unknown with just our backpacks and our metal. It takes guts to get started, and possibly sheer stubbornness to keep going. 

If you're just starting to think about travel nursing, I highly recommend you read this Travel Nursing Guide. It covers everything from how to become a travel nurse to how to maximize your pay.

When you first approach travel nursing, the options and information are overwhelming. Opinions abound. Who do you trust? As a long-time Type A and over-researcher, I’m not a natural when it comes to just “diving in.” 

Trusted Health does things a bit differently, and that spoke to me. I wanted to go with this cool, modern agency, but as a first time traveler, could I?

Getting Started With Travel Nursing

Early last year when I became obsessed with travel nursing, I didn’t take myself seriously. I thought, “Wouldn’t that be fun to do if I were a crazier person?”

Turns out... I am that person. In February, I sold my house, sold my goats (long story), quit my two jobs, and packed all of my stuff into the back of my Honda Accord. I found myself driving to Florida with my husband and cat in tow — I was really doing this!

holmes travel nursing first time holding goat

Best. Decision. Ever. 

True to my nature, I researched a ton before I left. It’s a life changing decision, so I wanted to be sure. 

There are so many questions to ask as a first time traveler. If you’re still looking for answers, check out Trusted’s Travel Nursing Guide.

Before even picking a travel agency, I found myself on Trusted’s website a ton — researching pay packages, getting advice from past travelers, and learning all the ins and outs of becoming a travel nurse. 

My favorite thing about Trusted is the easy access to information I can consume at my own pace. I wasn’t waiting for someone to call me for an hour-long conversation, nor did I need to wake up early on my days off (hello night shift).

travel nurse holmes sleeping after night shift

Travel Nursing Recruiters and Next Steps

The second best thing is having each contract spelled out for you from the start — here’s the hospital, here’s the pay, here are the requirements. I don’t have to waste any time waiting for someone to call me with more details.

Can you tell I’m not big on waiting…or phone calls? I simply research the hospital and the area; if I’m qualified, I submit to the job. Done. So easy, especially when you’re doing it at 3 AM!

Your Nurse Advocate will see your submission during normal business hours — usually that day or the next morning — and send it to the hospital ASAP. Nurse Advocates are Trusted’s answer to traditional recruiters. 

They’re registered nurses who know the job well, and many of them have traveled before themselves. They aren’t sales people. They are there to help you obtain your travel dreams. It’s an amazingly symbiotic relationship, which I love.

Once submitted, watch your phone! An interview call could be heading your way shortly!

Getting an Offer for Your Next Nursing Job

In all of my research, I came up with many deal breakers when it came to selecting a contract or a company; I won’t share them all here because yours will be different, and that’s ok.

Traveling is so diverse! 

travel nurse enjoying sunset on travel assignment holmes

When I had my first offer, I talked to my Advocate before accepting. I asked her about all of my deal breakers, and her answers told me so much about the way Trusted does business. 

When one of my own deal breakers came up on my contract, my Nurse Advocate followed through on their word without a hitch. There was no bait and switch, no “we’ll have to figure this out.” The answer I got was exactly the same as before I’d signed. 

That’s the kind of company I want to work for, and that’s why I’m on my third contract with Trusted Health. 

So, can new travelers use Trusted for their first travel nursing contract? As someone who did it — and successfully at that — YES! 

The more you know about traveling, the smoother getting your first contract will be. Trusted has more than enough information on their website to get you started, and they will be there to help you every step of the way. 

Yes, It Can Be That Simple

As a first timer, I found working with Trusted to be easier and more straightforward than working with the other agencies I signed up with. It was almost too simple. When I was in the car on the way to Florida, I thought, “Is there really a job waiting for me?” And of course there was.

If you’d like to talk to someone on the phone and get direct feedback to your questions, I encourage you to call, chat, or email and see the amazing support you’ll receive. 

My experience as a first-time traveler with Trusted was absolutely incredible. I’m so glad I found an honest, nurse-focused company to support me. Trusted has your back. It must be company policy because they embody it in every way. 

So, go slow. Start taking in all the information, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Ask questions when you’re ready. Submit to that amazing contract. I’m giving you permission to dream big dreams. They are more within your reach than you think. 

travel nurse kasandra holmes first assignment trusted health

When you get there, you’ll think, “This can’t really be my life,” but it is. Here’s to finishing out my first year as a traveler, and to many, many more! #teamtrusted

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