Brittany Greaves, RN and Paige Schryver, RN

Britt Greaves has been a nurse for 9 years, working in a myriad of specialties such as hospice, palliative, step-down, and traveling for 5 years in the PICU/CVPICU & Covid ICU before transitioning to Community Manager at Trusted Health. When she's not helping other nurses live their best lives you can catch her volunteering on international medical missions, hosting mental wellness sessions, or sharing her sunshine on IG @catchbrittifyoucan! Paige is a seasoned travel nurse with years of experience in Pediatrics and Occupational Health/COVID response. She completed travel assignments in California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Arkansas in a variety of different healthcare settings before transitioning to become a Clinical Success Partner and later a Brand Associate at Trusted. She is a previous DAISY Award winner and is passionate about cultural travel, outdoor adventuring, and of course, dogs. Britt and Paige love partnering together to bring their nursing knowledge and passion to Trusted's Marketing team!

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