Trusted nurses and the COVID-19 vaccine

Trusted Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine Action Plan

If you are a Trusted nurse and are looking for more information regarding acquiring your COVID-19 vaccine, please read the following information:

  • Trusted supports the CDC recommendation for COVID-19 vaccine rollouts and is working with partners to help get Trusted nurses vaccinated
  • Travel nurses are being vaccinated in the first wave, but a national travel nurse vaccination plan does not yet exist; Trusted is tracking which facilities are vaccinating travel nurses as part of our internal vaccine rollout
  • Trusted has updated the Credentials section of your dashboard, so you can track and upload your vaccination records on your Trusted profile for easy access
  • If you are actively seeking a job with Trusted, ask your Nurse Advocate if you have specific questions; if you are currently on contract, please ask your Clinical Success Partner

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan for Travel Nurses

Nurse Vaccination Plan

As of January 2021, several COVID-19 vaccines have been approved by the FDA for administration following CDC guidelines and prioritization. Travel nurses working on contract fall into the first tiers of administration. Trusted highly encourages nurses to review the multiple sources of valid and reliable data (see Additional Resources) for the vaccine so that they can be ready to choose whether to accept or decline the vaccine.

The distribution of the vaccine at the state level has been slower than anticipated. There is currently no national mechanism to vaccinate travel nurses, specifically, as they move from contract to contract.

Most, if not all, vaccinations for travel nurses are managed at the specific facility with which they are currently contracted. While not all facilities are supporting travel nurse vaccinations, Trusted is working to catalog all of the programs that are as well as the availability of the vaccine. 

We will continue working with our partners to provide up-to-date information on changes to the vaccine rollout.

Some Things to Consider:

  • Are you willing and able to receive the vaccine?

    You may be offered it on your next contract, so be ready to answer! Trusted supports you accepting the vaccine if you meet the proper criteria to receive it.

  • Track Your Vaccination Status on Your Trusted Profile

    We have built out the functionality for you to track and upload your COVID-19 vaccination history on your Trusted profile. You may need to provide this information on your next assignment; we’re trying to make doing so as easy as possible for you.

  • Be Prepared to Advocate for Yourself

    Consider getting the vaccine early on in your contract so that you can receive the second dose before the contract ends. As mentioned above, there is no national rollout plan for travel nurses, and you may be on another assignment when your second dose is due. Be ready to advocate for the proper dosage and spacing.

    Trusted is committed to supporting your decision and providing you with as much information as possible. Trusted is dedicated to a nurse-first approach that allows you to safely give care that so many people desperately need.

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