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A Day in the Life of a Care Coordinator | Trusted Health

Caitie Fredrickson
July 7, 2022
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From the beginning, Trusted has sought to transform the typical travel nursing experience, empowering nurses to enjoy increased independence and control over their careers. In pursuit of this mission, Trusted does not utilize a typical recruiter model. Instead, we offer a Care Team, made up of several teams of specialists, with each specialist dedicated to a different stage of the travel journey. On your Care Team, you’ll work with:

  • A Nurse Advocate, a RN who will help support you throughout your entire experience with Trusted. 
  • A Compliance Coordinator, who will help you complete Onboarding tasks, 
  • And Care Coordinators, a unique team of experts who assist nurses with a variety of questions at every stage of their travel experience.
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Read on to hear from Caitie, a current Care Coordinator at Trusted, about her role in helping nurses and why she believes in this model.

What sets the Trusted Care Team apart

The Trusted Care Team model is unique in the industry and may take some getting used to if you are coming from a traditional recruiter model. As a part of the Care Team, there are a few things that set our model apart in my mind.

First, the Care Team model offers independence. No more headhunters, no endless calls from recruiters, and no high-pressure sales tactics pushing you into a contract that’s wrong for you. Because no one at Trusted works on commission, our only incentive is to make you happy. We do that by letting you control the dialogue, as you choose which roles you want to pursue and you determine the level of involvement you’d like us to have in your job search.

No more headhunters, no endless calls from recruiters, and no high-pressure sales tactics pushing you into a contract that’s wrong for you.

Second, because we are committed to being clinician-first, we prioritize hiring clinicians at Trusted HQ. Real RNs with firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to be at the bedside work across every department at Trusted, from the Care Team, to Marketing, to Engineering and beyond. We encourage you to get to know the nurses on our team!

So, what does a Care Coordinator really do

You can think of a Care Coordinator as being like a triage nurse in an Emergency Department. Every new message or phone call that comes to Trusted is first reviewed by a Care Coordinator. The Care Coordinator will then assess the situation and may escalate the concern to a more specialized member of the Care Team. Like a triage nurse, Care Coordinators have a keen sense of judgment, are able to communicate effectively, and multi-task well in order to quickly and confidently direct nurses to the best resource for each situation.

A typical day for a Care Coordinator

Today, I want to share a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on in a typical day in the life of a Care Coordinator by sharing a day in my life!

Trusted’s internal workforce is fully remote, so my morning commute is easy- just a few quick steps from the coffee pot into my home office! While many other teams at Trusted work a typical Monday through Friday schedule, the Care Coordinator team monitors inbound messages 7 days a week. As part of our weekend coverage team, my work week begins each Tuesday morning and ends on Saturday evenings. 

As you might expect, the majority of a Care Coordinator’s time is spent in what our team refers to as “Inboxes.” This is where our team can view all inbound messages from nurses in one easy place. Whether you send us a message via Inbox in the Trusted Mobile App or website, shoot an email to, or give us a ring on the phone, all of these messages first go into a queue for the Care Coordinator team to review. 

Because Care Coordinators work with nurses at every stage of the travel journey, the Care Coordinator team possesses a wide breadth of knowledge about many topics. Care Coordinators are well-informed about the travel nursing industry at large and are experts about Trusted specifically. On a typical day, I’ll answer questions about general topics, such as how to obtain a license in a new state or help with understanding a pay package. I’ll also dig into more complex questions about processes and policies, such as benefits enrollment and troubleshooting, guidance while completing your Trusted profile, or an update for when to expect your Trusted Welcome Box to arrive. If you have any questions about working with Trusted, you can trust that a Care Coordinator will know the answer!

Care Coordinator teammates may also specialize in certain topics. For example, our Payroll Care Coordinator team has the most experience with pay and stipend related questions. Similarly, Timekeeping Care Coordinators are the most proficient in understanding facility timekeeping practices. Other teammates may specialize in extensions, Trusted’s referral program, or agency switches. 

In addition to my regular duties as a Care Coordinator, I am a part of the Care Coordinator Knowledge Team. Myself and two other teammates maintain Trusted’s internal and external written resources. The majority of my work on the Knowledge Team consists of updating and writing new articles for the Trusted Help Center. Writing, editing, and improving Help Center articles is a passion of mine. It’s my goal to make our Help Center a robust and essential resource for our nurses!

In my work as a Care Coordinator, my best days are when I can make a true difference in someone’s story with Trusted. Some days, that looks like a long phone call with a nurse as they share about a hard day on the Covid unit. Other days, it means working closely with other teams to help a nurse secure a contract for a verbal offer. But every day, and in every conversation, supporting our nurses starts with one simple message: “Caitie here with your Care Team- how can I help you today?” 

Sign up, or log in to Trusted today and get in touch with folks like Caitie who can help you build the life you want.

Caitie Fredrickson

Prior to beginning her role as a Care Coordinator at Trusted Health, Caitie was a small business owner and entrepreneur. A PNW native, Caitie grew up in Idaho and now lives in SW Washington in the greater Portland metro area. Things that make Caitie happy include baking, a good book, and the Bachelor.

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