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Understanding the Trusted Care Team

The Trusted Team
June 14, 2022
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Since the start, Trusted has transformed the traditional recruiter model of travel nursing to prioritize our clinicians. Instead of a single recruiter, who may not fully grasp your experiences and needs, nurses and allied health professionals traveling with Trusted will have an entire team for support from the initial stages of setting up a profile all the way through the completion of an assignment.

Beyond that, the Trusted Care Team experience is led by nurses who intimately understand clinicians’ unique challenges, circumstances, and joys. Our Nurse Advocates are all registered nurses (and potentially former travelers!), so when we say our Care Team gets what a travel nurse or allied health professional is going through, we really mean it.

An overview of each role on the Trusted Care Team

While the Trusted platform allows nurses to discover personalized job matches for both travel nurses and allied health professionals, the support you’ll receive from your Care Team is also personalized to each unique assignment. Here’s how this works: 

We do our best to ensure you have the same Nurse Advocate throughout your experience with Trusted. For each assignment, your other Care Team members may change depending on the facility where you will be working. This is because experience and requirements vary by facility, so from onboarding to working your assignment, we want you to have experts on that specific location supporting you. Your team will be deeply knowledgeable about your facility and its unique processes to help minimize roadblocks and ensure you have everything you need to be successful.

Your Trusted Care Team, With You Every Step of the Way

Stage 1: Setting up your Trusted Profile and getting started

Our Care Coordinators are available from the moment you start setting up your Trusted profile, and they remain at your disposal throughout your Trusted journey. They can answer any questions about Trusted, travel assignments in general, your personalized matches, and more.

Just as Patient Care Assistants or Techs collaborate with RNs and other interdisciplinary team members to care for patients, our Care Coordinators ensure you receive the support and answers you need in a timely manner. Simply use Inbox from your home menu to let us know what support you need- we’ve got you covered no matter what it may be

Stage 2: The Trusted Health job search

When you start applying to opportunities with Trusted Health, you'll be connected with your Nurse Advocate. Consider your Nurse Advocate as a specialty nurse working on a specific unit. Our Nurse Advocates, being nurses themselves, understand the intricacies of the travel healthcare industry and can provide necessary support. They are subject matter experts on the travel experience. Your Nurse Advocate will come to understand your goals and strategize with you to help you land your dream assignment. Our goal is that your Nurse Advocate will remain consistent, ensuring continuity of care.

Stage 3: An offer is signed.

Once you've signed your offer for your Trusted assignment (yay!), you’ll meet your dedicated Compliance Coordinator. With their extensive and specialized knowledge of facility requirements, they will ensure you are compliant to begin your assignment. Your Compliance Coordinator will clarify everything you’ll need to do and when, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and an effortless first day!

Step 4: Traveling with Trusted Health

From the first day of your assignment to the end, your dedicated Nurse Advocate will continue to support you through any questions or concerns related to your facility or Trusted employment. Your Nurse Advocate is your ally throughout and can provide proper advocacy and escalation, if necessary.

Nurse Advocates work closely with our internal Trusted teammates to ensure you get the specialty support you need as quickly as possible, every time. You may interact with a Care Coordinator for questions or support related to your assignment, employment needs, or more specifically to timekeeping and pay. An Ongoing Compliance Coordinator will ensure your credentials remain compliant while on assignment. Your Nurse Advocate partners with these team members, mirroring an RN's collaboration with Pharmacy, OT, RT, and PT at the bedside. Your Nurse Advocate will oversee this support, serve as a point of escalation, if needed, and ultimately ensure you get the support you need.

Step 5: Completing an assignment

Your dedicated Nurse Advocate can support and help you to navigate extension opportunities of your current assignment. And when you're ready to look for your next assignment, your Nurse Advocate will step back in to revisit your goals and help you restart your search to get you to your next destination! 

A better experience for nurses & allied health pros

Unlike traditional recruiters, members of the Trusted Care Team are not commissioned by placements or measured on reaching certain quotas.  It’s core to our model that our Nurse Advocates are not recruiters. Instead, they are guided by your happiness and career success. It’s just one of many ways Trusted Health continues in our mission to be a clinician-first company and help nurses and allied health professionals like you build the life you want.

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