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Why Our Nurse Advocates Aren't Recruiters | Trusted Health

Allison Allen, RNC-NIC, BSN
June 23, 2022
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Have you ever wondered why Trusted doesn’t use recruiters like the traditional travel agency? 

There are many perks to the Trusted model but at the very top of that list is that we believe in a nurse-first approach, which means your career priorities are top of mind for us. To make sure everyone keeps your career goals top priority, no one at Trusted works on commission, which is just one of many differences from the traditional travel agency. Most recruiters are compensated based on how many nurses they are helping and how many contracts are signed. Instead, our team chooses to focus all our efforts on making your job search an exceptional one by using a Nurse Advocate to partner with you during your time at Trusted.

Trusted believes in a nurse-first approach, which means your career priorities are top of mind for us.

Nurse Advocates are highly trained bedside nurses with leadership experience and often travel nurse experience. A Nurse Advocate’s goal is to partner with you to find an assignment that best fits your career goals. They can help elevate your profile by making suggestions to showcase your clinical expertise and experience. Their goal is to help you to be the strongest candidate that applies to any given role. 

Nurse Advocates can chat with you about all things travel related, what the submission process looks like, what industry trends are happening and how to have the best success on your job search. They have been in your shoes and know what it is like to navigate the healthcare and the travel nurse world. They know this experience can be challenging, confusing, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. And they, too, have worked long hours, sat with patients during the hardest moments of their lives and celebrated years of knowledge and growth in their nursing careers.

Nurse Advocates are highly trained bedside nurses with leadership experience and often travel nurse experience

Having a Nurse Advocate instead of a recruiter means you get to experience a personalized approach to your job search. And there are so many other benefits to this model. Starting with the fact that a Nurse Advocate (NA) understands nurse lingo, which means no topic is off limits. You can share your best and worst patient stories (HIPPA protected of course), your celebrations as a nurse, and your struggles as a nurse (your NA has most likely been there). You can ask a Nurse Advocate literally anything, from job search questions to city-specific inquiries, they love to chat with you! With a Nurse Advocate you can share stories back and forth, and support each other through your journeys as nurses. Plus you will most likely be paired with the same Nurse Advocate the entire time you are traveling with Trusted so that allows you to get to know each other and become close partners on your travel journey. 

The Trusted platform allows you to see all the jobs that are available within your specialty versus a traditional recruiter model that usually presents only the opportunities that they feel are good for you. When you use the Trusted model, you can filter your job search based on location, pay, shift preferences, EMR technologies and even Magnet hospitals. This is because we want you to be able to search and decide what is best for you in a job versus pushing an opportunity on you that doesn’t work for your goals. There is no limit to seeing your opportunities with Trusted! 

Nursing is such a passion of ours at Trusted, especially on our Nurse Advocate team which is made up of fellow nurses, and we are glad to be a part of your journey in the healthcare industry. We hope that you will connect with us and thank you for believing in us during your job search! 

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