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Advice for New Grad Nurses: 2020

The Trusted Team
August 4, 2020
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Between COVID-19, the precarious nature of elective procedures, and the challenge of finding a nursing job coming out of nursing school this year, there are a lot of serious questions and concerns. These are definitely unprecedented times for everyone, and we can only imagine the stress and uncertainty faced by nursing students and nursing new grads right now.

So, in order to share with them a little bit of advice and motivation from experienced nurses, we reached out to our nursing community and asked for some words of wisdom.

What New Grad Nurses Should Know

When we asked experienced nurses what advice, tips, suggestions, and guidance they would give current new grad nurses. Here’s what they said:

“These are the times to follow the guidelines you have been taught. You are very important. Take care of yourself mentally and physically. Look for a mentor you admire.”
“The only stupid question is the one you never asked.”
“You can’t do it all!”
“Be confident, but ready and willing to learn. I don't care what the initials are, LEARN!!! As an RN I have learned from MA's, Dr's, patients and family. Be open!!!”
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“While you're washing/sanitizing your hands, use the time to say a little prayer for your patient and for wisdom.”
“Thanks to all who step up and help us enter the profession. It definitely is a weird time- and know that we appreciate you going above and beyond during these trying times. 🙏🏻. And much love to my new grad peers. You’re going to be fantastic. 💝”
“Learn to trust your judgement. If really uncertain discuss with another nurse. Be kind to all, everyone is important in getting that patient out of the hospital!Always try to do the right thing.❤️”
“Prioritize your assignment and be organized.”
“Always follow 'Universal Precautions' to avoid the spread of pathogens. BTW: you are ALL doing a wonderful job!! We are Blessed to have you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”
“Recognize what you don’t know, and ask all of the questions. The only bad questions are the ones you ask too late.”
“We all cry at times. Don't be afraid to ask for help.”
“Time management, organizational skills, professionalism, drama free zone, listen to your mentors, mentors don’t eat your young. Take time for you!!!”
“Listen to your gut.”
“Trust your instincts, trust yourself and what you have learned.”
“Learn to manage your time wisely. You will probably never leave work feeling like you accomplished everything you planned to do that day. Learn to accept that and know it doesn't mean you've failed. Be kind- to your fellow nurses, to your CNAs, and most importantly, to yourself.”
“Never stop caring about your patients and even their families.”

While it can be tough to stay optimistic and positive during times like these, it's important that we do our best support each other and ensure that all of our fellow frontline responders receive the care they deserve, even if it's just a few motivating words and thank you's here and there.

For more nursing new grad resources, tips & tricks, and guidance, check out Trusted for New Grads!

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