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Got that Good Soul in Your Feet?

Dec 28, 2017
Sarah Gray, RN

I’ve worn a uniform practically my whole life. Now it’s just three days a week (unless you count my consistent go-to Lululemon outfit on days-off as a uniform). I must admit, it’s quite convenient. It allows for more time and sleep in the morning and is an easy way to decrease decision fatigue right from the start of your day. Steve Jobs was a uniform guy for this reason.

A downside to uniform and #scrublife is that there is very little ability for self-expression and creativity. Even the long sleeved shirt I wear under my scrubs has to be solid and a specific color. But guess what? My feet are up for grabs! I never understood my sister’s obsession with socks until I needed a solution for being on my feet for 15 hours a day and my fear of spider veins. Some of my first solutions were not all that cute, comfortable, or of quality. So I had been on the hunt until Santa delivered a nursing dream in my stocking.

While we shake up nursing and how nurses work, Sockwell has our backs metaphorically and our feet literally. Sockwell gets what it means to be a Modern Nurse. I’ve been wearing Sockwell since I got my feet on, er, in them! My feet actually miss them when they’re in the laundry hamper. They’re socks you don’t want to rip off as soon as you tear off your scrubs.


Nurses stand for hours. Sockwell stands for nurses (and their wellbeing). More than a handful of areas within nursing need to be shaken up and our gear is one of them. They spin innovative and therapeutic technologies together with modern styles that we actually want to show off. You may not have a choice over the color or type of scrubs you wear but you get to choose from some of the coolest colors and designs of the comfiest socks.


My own experience with my Sockwells that keep me coming back for more:

  • Not hot or itchy
  • They don’t make the gnarly indentations and cuts in my skin
  • I don’t have to constantly yank at them to keep them up
  • I’m able to pull them on easily with my eyes half open at 0600 or when my legs are still half wet from the gym shower
  • They don’t make me feel like a lame “old lady” nurse
  • My feet don’t sweat in them

You can get them pretty much anywhere – on Amazon, Nordstrom, REI, HSN, and pretty much anywhere else on the internet. If you don’t want to take our word for it, check out their feature in the New York Times!

Have you tried them? Let us know what you think!