Tried & Trusted: FIGS Scrubs Review

Feb 23, 2021
Yaya Zoe, RN

FIGS Review: Scrubs for the Modern Nurse

This week we’re taking a look at FIGS Scrubs. FIGS is a newer scrubs company, and they are a little pricey, but this set of scrubs is the comfiest I have ever owned in my life!

FIGS’ message is simple: as a medical professional, why wear a uniform to work every day when you can wear a comfortable, functional, and well-designed personal statement. Co-founders Heather Hasson and Trina Spear realized that nurses were stuck wearing the same old material day after day, and for no reason other than that’s what was done! With nurses spending so much time caring for patients, shouldn’t they at least be comfortable while they do it? Well, FIGS finally did something about that!

On top of that, with their Threads for Threads initiative, they’ve donated hundreds of thousands of scrubs to healthcare providers all around the world.

(If you want to learn more about the history of scrubs, check out this quick dive into the what, when, and why of nursing scrubs!)

What Do I Think About FIGS Scrubs?

I’ve gone back and forth between plenty of different scrubs brands, and I can’t believe it took me this long to try FIGS! If you were a fly on the wall in the hospital where I work, you’d see me wearing these scrubs every shift nowadays! The material is so soft and stretchy that I never worry about being able to reach and maneuver around medical equipment and patients. 

I can also say with full confidence that they will withstand a 12-hour shift and still look amazing! No wrinkles and no overstretching. Whether you’re a nursing student looking for your first pair of cute and comfy scrubs or a veteran looking something functional but still a great look, give FIGS a look next time you’re scrub shopping for medical apparel.  Whether you're purchasing your first pair of scrubs, or your twenty-first, FIGS are worth a look!

Scrub Fit

Rating: 9/10

FIGS scrubs fit great in all the right places! They stand up to repetitive movements and motions and don't bunch up or wrinkle in the usual places. They also fit in a loose, but form-fitting, way that doesn't feel like you're wearing a baggy pair of sweat.

Scrub Comfort

Rating: 10/10

Overall, these scrubs were super comfortable! The material was very soft and stretched when I needed it to without staying stretched out or loose.

Scrub Style

Rating: 7/10

They look good, but they could look better. They're definitely cute and stylish compared to some older scrub look, but I think FIGS could have done more to truly make them stand out visually.

figs scrubs review top and bottom scrubs review

All in all, I really like the pair of FIGS scrubs I tried on and would definitely wear them regularly. I also made a quick FIGS Scrubs video review that you should check out for more deets! If you've already tried FIGS and they're not your jam, check out my Jaanuu Scrubs Review to see what they’ve got going for them!

figs scrubs review scorecard summary

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