The Top 4 Pairs of Shoes for Any Travel Assignment

Jan 17, 2023
Kevin Uranyi, RN

We all know the struggle. Whether you drive, fly, or sail to your next assignment, deciding which shoes win the battle for luggage space is a treacherous pre-assignment ritual. The tug-of-war between bringing all your favorite phalange accessories and how much space you have is one that is sure to delay your packing schedule worse than a Thanksgiving weekend flight. That is why in this guide we break down the Top 4 pairs of shoes you must bring to your next travel assignment!

The Hospital Pair

This is an easy one, no? Without sparking the great “Dansko vs. Running Shoes” debate, you need some comfy shoes for your shifts! You’re going to be spending the next twelve-plus hours on your feet and doing your nurse thing, so you better make sure this pair is up for the task!

Kevin’s Choice:
Puma Enzos

The Everyday Pair

Whether you’re working 3x12, 4x12, 4x10, or 5x8, we all know we love the free time the nursing schedule gives us! That’s why we need an everyday pair of shoes to bring on assignment for all that free time. Ideally, this pair is a dual-purpose style and foot comfort machine, capable of walking the town for an adventure but also stylish enough to pause in that art gallery you just stumbled across.

Kevin’s Choice:
White Vans sneakers

The Classy Pair

If you’re going to Wicked on Broadway, Kokkari Estiatorio in San Francisco, or you snagged some prime seats at your local comedy show, you need to dress the part! But here’s where picking a shoe can get a little tricky. You don’t want them to be too eccentric you can only wear it with that one shirt you bought in Cancun that one time, so colors that match easily to other outfits are your friend. We like blacks, whites, or neutral colors. 

Kevin’s Choice:
Kenneth Cole Reaction driving loafers

Now, I realize that may not be everyone’s preference, so I asked for some additional input from a very special somebody…

Kevin’s Fiancée's Choice:
Strappy heels

For those nights when you just want to dress up and go out on the town! Not the highest on the practicality scale but everyone needs a little glam sometimes!

The Activity Pair

The other advantage of our awesome nursing schedule is all the fun activities and mini-excursions we can take while we’re on assignment! This one is a little harder to recommend because the awesome flexibility of travel nursing can take you SO many different places! You could be on the beaches of Florida for the summer, and the mountains of Colorado for the winter! Because of this, the activity pair may vary greatly from place-to-place. So whether it’s flip-flops or hiking boots, please dress accordingly! 

Kevin’s Choice:
Hiking shoes

Honorable Mention: Boots

You’re almost packed for your assignment, but it’s time for an honorable mention…boots! Boots are amazing because you can get a big pair; a small pair; a comfortable pair; a classy pair; the variety goes on! A good pair of boots can dress you up for the dinner you’re going to with your new work friends, or give you some fancy footwork for the brewery crawl this weekend. 

Okay, okay, now I think we’re just about packed. Armed with this new information, it is without a doubt that you will not only pack smart and repurpose some space in your luggage, but you’ll look mighty fine while doing it! 

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