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How to Stay Safe During Halloween: 2020 Edition

The Trusted Team
October 28, 2020
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We recently spoke with Ashley Sayles, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, who presented us with the health and safety recommendations she provided from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Here’s what parents (and trick-or-treaters) everywhere need to know about how to celebrate a safe Halloween, particularly now in the midst of a pandemic.

It may seem self explanatory by this point, but before getting into some more specific ideas, don’t forget the basics: wash your hands frequently and/or use hand sanitizer, and avoid large crowds or gatherings. And while trick-or-treating and being outdoors is typically safer than being indoors, it’s still not risk-free.

Halloween Alternatives for You and Your Family to Consider This Year

1. Keep It Online

Try virtual Halloween costume contents or games. With the normalization of Zoom and other virtual meeting tools, your friends and family may be more open to showing off their new costume from the comfort of their own home.

2. Don’t Lose the Mask

Of course, whatever your or your child’s costume, make sure there is still room/physical ability to wear an appropriate mask. Fight the temptation to paint or otherwise modify masks, as that may make them less effective or even toxic.

3. Stay Inside

Instead of the usual in-person events, celebrate with your family or roommates by having a movie marathon. You can even have themes to dress up as in costume throughout the night.

4. Look for Outdoor Events

Avoid indoor events, whether social gatherings or haunted houses. Instead, look for similar events that can be more safely hosted outdoors, such as haunted mazes, pumpkin patches, or zoos.

5. Get Crafty

Don’t forget pumpkin decorating! Depending on how involved your pumpkin design is, that could take much of the night, especially by getting your family involved.

6. Be Safe

And, of course, if you do go out, beware of cars, cyclists, large gatherings of pedestrians, and dark/non-reflective clothing.

If you’re staying in to hand out candy, consider setting up a table and chairs out front, and keeping candy evenly spaced or spread out to prevent cross-contamination of touchy trick-or-treaters. 

Be safe, have fun, and Happy Halloween!

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