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New Grad Nurses — How to Stand Out & Get Hired

The Trusted Team
October 21, 2020
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If you missed our recent virtual event, New Grad Nurses — How to Stand Out & Get Hired, you can read a recap below as well as watch the full recording here! We have so many virtual events for you in the pipeline, so stay in touch with us to hear about what’s coming next! 

During our recent event, we discussed ways in which new grad nurses can stand out and get hired straight out of nursing school. Our event was led by new grad experts, Ashley Haugstatter, BSN, RN, CPN, CCRN and Tiffany Gibson, MSN, NPD-BC, CPN, GHDL.

Ashley is a Manager of Nursing Relations & Retention at Crouse Health, former Pediatric ICU Nurse, founder of The Nurse Mentor, and is currently in a nursing leadership role focused on recruitment, retention, and recognition of nurses and students.

Tiffany is a Clinical Nurse Educator and Development Specialist at Abington Jefferson Health. She is a former Pediatric Med/Surg Nurse, founder of New Nurse Academy, and is currently in a nurse leadership role focused on workplace violence, CNA orientation and healthcare diversity, and equity & inclusion advocacy.

Let’s jump in!

Applying for Your First Nursing Job

You might be asking yourself, what position is right for me? Or where do I find eve jobs?

First, take time to reflect on what you are looking for:

  • Patient Population 
  • Shift
  • Type of Facility
  • Culture
  • Future Goals

Next, make sure you use a multitude of methods in your job search:

  • Job Boards - Indeed, ANA Career Center, Monster, Career Builder
  • Hospital Careers Website
  • Residency Program Search 
  • LinkedIn
  • Networking 

Standing Out

So, once you’ve gone through the above steps, how can you set yourself apart to land an interview?

To stand out when applying for a job:

  • Optimize Your Application
  • Custom Resume and Cover Letter
  • Connect with Leadership
  • Set up a Shadow Experience
  • Attend a Career Fair


Do your research

  • What is the role?
  • Mission, Vision, Value
  • Reputation

Brag about yourself

  • Be your own Advocate
  • Illustrate soft skills
  • Stand Out

Ask questions

  • Engage in conversation
  • Clarify what’s uncertain
  • Engage the Interviewer


Often working with a mentor as you move through the above steps, and your career as a whole, can be tremendously rewarding and helpful. How? A mentor can provide:


  • Socialization
  • Exposure
  • Opportunities


  • Provide information
  • Tips to improve
  • Advice


  • Experience
  • Encouragement


Lastly, here is some general advice that’s good to follow at any points in your career.

  • Take every opportunity for professional development
  • Build a network of support and contacts for the future
  • Seek feedback, ask questions and set goals

Here are Three Tools to Help Get You Hired 

trusted health three iphones with trusted app helping new grad nurses get hired

Resume Builder

Put your best foot forward with a polished resume.

Salary Explorer

Research how much you can make in 450+ cities across the country.

Residency Search

Easily see which facilities are hiring new grad nurses.

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