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Meaningful New Year Resolutions for Travel Nurses and Allied Health Pros

Lindsey Gram, RN
December 12, 2023
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With the New Year quickly approaching, many of us at Trusted are beginning to think of our New Year's resolutions. But first, let’s think back on the past year. 

Are you proud of the fact that you set a goal (or several), stuck to a plan, and are now reaping the benefits of your hard work? Or, are you frustrated that another year has rolled by and you haven’t done what you set out to do? And where do you want to be a year from now? 

Accomplishing your goals isn’t easy. Most people who make New Year's resolutions find themselves quickly off track and eventually give up. Plus, keeping a resolution can be even more challenging for traveling professionals. Many of the factors that help people achieve goals, such as close support, accountability, and consistency, can be hard to find while traveling.  

In this post, we’ll talk about our favorite healthcare goals and ways to keep ourselves accountable for setting and achieving them. Continuing to build from where you started is important, both as a person and as a healthcare professional. So, how will you grow as a clinician in the coming year?

The Importance of Setting Goals

If you have big objectives for the coming year but don’t actually take the time to write down a goal and make a plan to achieve it, it can feel akin to just wandering around in the dark, hoping that you stumble your way to something good soon. Studies show that writing down and carefully planning your goals are the best ways to achieve them. The S.M.A.R.T. method is our favorite- here are a few important things to keep in mind when setting your goals. 

  • Specific- You have a better chance of achieving a specific, targeted goal over a broad one. And don’t forget- write your goal down! Do you want to obtain a certification, or do you want to pass your CCRN exam?  
  • Measurable- If your goal isn’t measurable, you will have no way of knowing whether or not you’ve achieved it. Do you want to grow as a respiratory therapist, or do you want to become a RRT?  
  • Achievable- Is your goal attainable? For example, if you are relatively new to nursing, becoming a CRNA is a great long-term goal but isn’t immediately likely. So think about what you need to do first. Land a job in a high acuity ICU? Or get a specific score on your GRE?  
  • Relevant- Your goals should align with who you are and what you need as a person and professional. If you have been struggling with stress management, making a priority of work-life balance should take precedence over another goal that may only increase your stress. 
  • Timebound- Goals should have deadlines. Otherwise, you can’t assess if you’ve accomplished them or not. Plus, setting a timeline makes everything more real. Will you attend a professional conference, or will you do it by December 31st, 2024? 

Now that we’ve gone over what you can do to make your goals a reality, let’s talk about some of our best New Year resolutions for Nurses and Allied Health Pros.

Professional Development Goals

Professional development can help you improve your skills, knowledge, and confidence as a clinician. And what’s better than that? You will be able to provide more comprehensive care to your patients, and you will be proud of it. Professional development in healthcare can look like many things, so pick something that interests you! 

  • Become certified in your specialty 
  • Add to your skill set through advanced training
  • Attend conferences and workshops (pick a topic and location that interests you!)

Continuous learning is a huge driver of both excellent patient care and career advancement. Plus, it sets you apart from the rest when job market competition heats up. Don’t forget these options when considering your travel allied health and travel nursing goals.

Self-Care and Mental Health

Working in healthcare is stressful! Not all goals need to be set around the more traditional markers of success or productivity. While certifications, degrees, and paychecks are all something to be proud of, so are goals surrounding work-life balance and mental health for healthcare workers. Often, these goals are even more personally satisfying and important than others. What goals will strengthen your ability to care for yourself and for others? 

  • Dedicate a set amount of time per week to self-care 
  • Begin using effective stress-management techniques 
  • When traveling with Trusted, utilize your wellness benefits that allow you free access to Spring Health to make an appointment with a mental health professional. 

At Trusted, we know that self-care for clinicians is essential, and we work hard to ensure that our healthcare providers have the support they need. Check out our other blog posts for even more great ideas to improve your mental health, stress management, and work-life balance.

Patient-Centered Care Improvement

Are you passionate about patient-centered care and healthcare quality improvement? As a traveling professional, you have a unique perspective on healthcare. You’ve worked in a wide range of places and have seen plenty of great ways of doing things, along with plenty of opportunities for refinement. Here are a few resolutions for patient-centered care improvement.

By advocating for patient-centered care and improvement, you make a huge difference in the lives of the patients you encounter. Taking actionable steps to boost your communication skills, empathy, and quality of care are all great places to start this New Year. 

Networking and Community Building

Networking and building community as a traveling healthcare professional are both incredibly valuable. Achieving goals related to these topics will provide you with ample opportunities for support and growth. Here are a few ways to get started- and don’t forget to add your own twist to turn these ideas into S.M.A.R.T. goals!

Joining and becoming active within a community allows you to grow your circle, learn new things, and gain new insights. Plus, you never know what opportunities may become available to you from a little bit of networking.   

New Year, New Opportunities

As you reflect on your resolutions for the new year, remember that goals in the healthcare profession are unique and deeply impactful. Whether you're aiming to enhance your skills, seek new experiences, or find balance between your personal and professional life, it's crucial to have a supportive network and the right resources.

Trusted Health is dedicated to empowering travel nurses and allied health professionals like you in achieving your aspirations. By creating a profile with us, you gain access to a community that understands your challenges and celebrates your victories. Our platform offers tailored opportunities and resources that align with your goals, making your journey towards success smoother and more fulfilling.

As you plan for growth in both your personal and professional life, let Trusted be your partner. Together, we can make this year a milestone in your healthcare career. Happy New Year and here's to achieving great things together!

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