That's a Wrap! Nurses Week 2022

The Trusted Team
May 13, 2022
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At Trusted Health we wanted to focus on showing as many of our nurses just how much we appreciate them for Nurses Week 2022. After all, these are the folks who have clocked countless hours caring for each and every patient like it was their first, who helped hold the hands of loved ones passing peacefully. Their work is selfless and without a doubt deserving of more than a week of acknowledgement. This week was a good start though, and here are some of the ways we celebrated nurses this year.


We hosted events for our communities of nurses in Dallas, Houston, and Denver over the course of Nurses Week. From hugs, to dog cuddles, and high fives for braving ferris wheel heights or corn hole wins we connected and celebrated the most deserving community of nurses.

A group of nurses in Texas
A group of nurses enjoying a night out together

Coffee (the good stuff!)

We also hosted several coffee popups for our nurses where our Community Manager showed up to surprise our nurses and their units with coffee and treats over the week.

Trusted Community Manager with a Travel Nurse delivering coffee
Coffee delivery by Britt G, our Trusted Health Community Manager


We had a special delivery arranged for each of our Travel Nurses for Nurses Week with a package that contained both a Nurses Inspire Nurses t-shirt and a custom made lunch tote. Beyond that we offered an opportunity each day of the week to win a series of prizes, everything from coffee every day for a year to a week's worth of scrubs. Over the course of the week we had nearly a dozen nurses win prizes worth a total of $14,000.

The Trusted lunch tote from Nurses Week 2022
The Trusted lunch tote


Trusted Health also partnered with a few nurse favorite brands this year, including Nurses Inspire Nurses and Landing. We co-created our shirts that were sent to our nurses with the organization Nurses Inspire Nurses as well as sponsoring their May Inspire-A-Nurse Program. Meanwhile, Landing is offering all Trusted nurses $300 off their first month of rent for new members and gave away a grand prize of one free month's stay to a lucky nurse in our Community!

Until next year

As we said above this week was a good start in celebrating our nursing community, and we plan to grow each and every year in our commitment to celebrating the contributions and commitment our nurses make to protect and improve our health day in and day out. Stay tuned in early 2023 for what we will have in store next year!

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