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Here's your Solution for #Fitlife as a Nurse

Sarah Gray, RN
February 1, 2018
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Nurses have had a stereotype of being overweight (and named Barb, Kathy, or Susan) for way too long.

It’s time to change not only the way nurses work but also the way we’re perceived.

Let’s be real. Nursing is #fitlife. I didn’t realize how much so until I got an Apple Watch (which by the way has huge benefits as a nurse beyond tracking your ‘work’out).

I hit at least 10,000 steps and 12+ hours of standing time throughout a typical shift as a pediatric medical-surgical nurse. That step number can easily double any given day, especially Tuesdays or Fridays. It can feel like we’re working out all day long.

It can be tolling and downright exhausting.

So people are confused when I tell them that I almost always work out before or after my shifts. And get out of the hospital and walk on my break.

I’ve discovered that the key to success and sustainability with this demanding nursing lifestyle is actually more activity. A body in motion stays in motion. A calm mind can remain calm.

You wouldn’t expect to feel stellar after running half marathons or playing sports games without any consistent training. So you also shouldn’t expect to feel wonderful after a shift or two if you’re not ‘training’ for them.

Working out is a must for me. It clears my mind, creates more energy, and often is exactly what is needed after a particularly stressful shift. We spend days looking after the physical (and often mental and emotional) health of our patients. It’s only responsible to do the same for our own.

movewith fitness app great for nurses

But despite understanding and experiencing the benefits, I initially had a hard time coming through. It can be difficult to find the time, motivation, or space to get in a good workout or meditation. My gym is even closed on weekends before AND after my shifts.

Movewith solves that. 

Think of Movewith as a gym in your pocket. It’s the Spotify of fitness with workouts of varying duration and intensity that you can do  almost anywhere. It is a subscription fitness membership that gives you unlimited access to killer audio workouts from top coaches from high intensity cardio and strength classes that will transform your body and motivational meditations and yoga flows that will transform how you think and feel.

movewith model stretching nurse fitness

Movewith Movement types:

You don’t need the motivation, specific space, or excessive time. You just need an easy and realistic way to maintain your own wellness – of the body, mind and soul.

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