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3:00 pm
March 31, 2021



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Nursing in the Wild: Hiking Injuries

Nurses have the ability to practice in a variety of settings throughout their career. But what if you could combine your career with your passion for the outdoors? What would you do as a nurse in the outdoors if an emergency happens? Please join Michele Devlin, DrPH, LPN, EMT, and Cory Kreutzer, BSN, DiMM, for the first hour long presentation and discussion in a series of four webinars about nursing in the wild!

Emergencies happen in the outdoors all of the time. Sure, you are a nurse and you have the skills to handle emergencies. But, what happens when these emergencies happen outside of the hospital and all of the tools you rely on are no longer at your disposal? What are the most common injuries in the backcountry? What are the most common medical problems in the backcountry? During this webinar, we will discuss hiking injuries and common medical emergencies. We will discuss common foot injuries, dehydration and hypothermia, and present case studies on these topics.

All nurses are invited to this event! Please RSVP and bring your questions!

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