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Date And Time

3:00 pm
October 28, 2020



Event Description

Travel Nursing: Where to Live, What to Do & How to Thrive

During our October 14 travel nursing event we'll discuss how to decide if travel nursing is right for you and how to land your first assignment, from choosing an agency to reading the fine print in the contract. So, what are the next steps from there?

We recruited three experienced travel nurses to share their insight on how to prepare for that first assignment and how to excel all the way through to the end. Brittany Greaves, Jeri Ford, and Russ Mortland will share tips and tricks that will help you thrive as a travel nurse, on and off shift. You’ll learn what to pack, how to find housing, how you can confidently navigate a new unit, and so much more. If you’re about to take your first travel assignment, you don’t want to miss this event!

All nurses are invited to this event, just make sure you RSVP!

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