Event Details

Date And Time

7:45 pm
10:45 pm
February 20, 2020


125 West Gray Street #100, Houston, TX 77019

Event Description

Trusted Meetup: Escape the Room in Houston

Houston Nurses - Trusted Health is hosting a free escape room event for nurses February 20th at 7:45 pm. Come hang to meet fellow nurses and use those critical thinking nursing skills to solve the mysteries and escape the themed rooms!

Upon arrival, we will break into teams and your team will play against the clock in one of the rooms to solve the challenge and thereby find your escape. Afterwards, we will debrief about your experience in our spacious lounge over refreshments and then dress up in their special outfits for photos!

This is such a fun way to bond with your fellow nurses and to take a closer look at how you perform in a team setting. Whether you escape or not, we will still celebrate with a drink in hand after!  We're on a mission to build a community for Modern Nurses. And because nurses are awesome - the more the merrier! Tell your friends and co-workers (nurses only please) & be sure to RSVP!

You will not be granted entry without your ticket! There will be limited tickets due to the number of escape rooms available. For the skeptics out there-there is no catch for attending these events. We simply want to give back to the people that take care of us. We hope you can come!

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