Certified Behavior Analyst Salary Guide

As a certified behavioral analyst, your days are filled with opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives. Board-certified behavior analysts, or BCBAs, work in behavioral health, autism therapy, developmental health, addiction therapy, forensics, and more. They teach strategies and develop care plans that promote positive behaviors and reduce disruptive ones.

Trusted Health’s BCBA Career Guide details the steps needed to become a certified behavioral analyst and the day-to-day responsibilities of this growing field. Now, let's determine what you can earn and how to maximize your board certified behavior analyst salary.  

How Much Does a Behavior Analyst Make?

The average certified behavior analyst salary is currently $72,450 per year or $34.83 per hour. Here’s a closer look:

  • The highest earning 10% of certified behavior analysts earn $83,187 annually or $39.99 per hour.
  • The lowest earning 10% of certified behavior analysts earn approximately $56,135 annually or $26.98 per hour.  

What Type of BCBA Makes the Most Money?

Board certified behavior analysts work in a variety of roles. BCBAs that work in management and administration, or those with specialized skills typically have the highest earning potential. Some BCBAs can earn 100k or more per year! The highest BCBA salary positions are:

  • Behavior analyst directors: $100,00 annually
  • Senior behavior analysts: $84,000 annually
  • Behavioral health directors: $112,000 annually
  • Clinical behavioral directors: $85,000 annually
  • Behavior Analysis Professors: $88,000 annually
  • BCBA traveling allied health professionals: $75,000 - $125,000 annually.

All BCBAs must have a master’s degree. Continuing your education and pursuing a doctoral degree in this field can increase your earning potential. Obtaining additional certifications and specializing in a specific area of behavior analysis is another great way to optimize your BCBA income.

BCBA vs ABA Salary

An ABA is an applied behavior analyst. ABAs specialize in the treatment of autism and other behavioral diagnoses. ABAs need a bachelor's degree to begin working in their field and have a smaller professional scope than BCBAs. Because of this, BCBA pay is often higher than ABA pay.

What are the Top-Paying States for Board-Certified Behavior Analysts?

The top-paying states, by average yearly board certified behavior analyst salary, are:

  • California: $90,556 annually
  • New York: $84,615 annually
  • Massachusetts: $81,210 annually
  • Washington, DC: $80,631 annually
  • Illinois: $75,994 annually

Salary Range Considerations:

Remember that areas of the country with a higher cost of living will often pay more than areas with a lower cost of living. This means that larger cities typically pay more than smaller ones.

Your behavior analyst salary will increase as you work longer, gain experience, learn new skills, and take on additional responsibilities in the field. BCBAs who take their skills on the road and become BCBA travelers often earn significantly more.

What is the Job Outlook like for a BCBA?

Board certified behavior analysts enjoy an excellent job outlook. An impressive 23% career growth rate is anticipated between 2021 and 2022. For reference, the national average for all professions is 5%. BCBAs clock in at over four times this rate!

A substantial number of behavior analyst jobs are expected to become available in the coming years as this field continues to grow. Both staff and travel BCBAs will be needed to meet demand and ensure patients receive the care they need.

Does Seasonality Impact Pay for BCBAs?

Board certified behavior analysts who work in staff roles earn the same amount of pay year-round. The pay of travel BCBAs is often influenced by supply and demand. Travel BCBAs may see increases in pay during local staffing shortages or other times of the year when supply is low and demand is high.

Travel Board Certified Behavior Analyst Salary

Becoming an allied health traveler has many exciting benefits, and an increased salary is only one of them. As a traveling certified behavior analyst, you can expect to earn a salary from $1,700-$2,500 per week or more. That generally adds up to $74,000-$9500/year!  Some of the highest paid travel BCBA’s bring home a salary closer to $132,500.

As an allied health traveler, your pay and compensation can include tax-free stipends and an hourly rate. Check out our FAQ section for more info on how travel pay works.

Find a Certified Behavior Analyst Job with Trusted Health

Advancing your career as a traveling certified behavior analyst greatly maximizes your BCBA earning potential. As an allied health traveler, you can see the United States, enjoy new and exciting experiences, and grow professionally. Plus, you can earn an excellent salary doing so!

Trusted is here to help you jump-start your career as a travel behavior health analyst. At Trusted, we proudly offer travelers competitive pay packages, premium benefits, and unmatched clinical support.

Start your travel certified behavior analyst job search with Trusted Health today!

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