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Cytotechnologist Salary Guide

Lindsey Gram, RN
April 15, 2024
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Cytotechnologists are medical professionals who are experts in the science of human cells. The work done by these important healthcare specialists lays the foundation for the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease. Cytotechnologists expertly analyze blood, bodily fluids, and tissue samples by microscope.

This field is also called cytology, and cytotechnologists can also be referred to as cytologists. Is this technologically advanced career path a good fit for you? Check out our Cytotechnologist Career Guide for more details including how long it takes and how to become a cytotechnologist.  

Now, let’s learn about how much a cytotechnologist makes and how you can maximize your earning potential and cytotechnologist salary in this growing scientific field. Let’s get started! 

How Much Does a Cytotechnologist Make?

The average cytotechnologist pay in the United States is currently $87,469 per year or $42.05 per hour. Let’s take a closer look at the average salary for a cytotechnologist:

  • The highest earning 10% of cytotechnologists make approximately $102,984 annually or $49.51 per hour.
  • The lowest earning 10% of cytotechnologists make approximately $72,161 annually or $34.69 per hour.

What are the top-paying states for Cytotechnologists?

If you are thinking of traveling, you may be wondering where cytologists get paid the most. The top-paying states for cytotechnologists, by yearly cytotechnologist average salary, are:

  • California: $109,336
  • New York: $102,163
  • Massachusetts: $98,052
  • Washington, DC:  $97,353
  • Illinois: $91,755

Like all medical professionals, cytotechnologist or cytologist salaries vary based on several factors. Supply, demand, and location can all affect your total cytotechnology salary. As a rule, expect locations with higher costs of living to pay more than locations with lower costs of living. 

Salary Range Considerations:

Your total cytotechnologist pay will depend on your education, experience, certification, and more. Cytotechnologists who work in leadership positions, learn advanced skills, or take their talents on the road as travel cytotechnologists all have the potential to earn significantly more. 

Let’s focus on one of the easiest ways to set yourself apart from the competition and increase your earning potential as a cytotechnologist. Certification establishes you as an expert in your field and is often a requirement for certain cytotechnologist roles. 

Specializing in a particular area of cytology, growing your skillset, and taking on mentorship or leadership roles all have the potential to boost your cytotechnologist salary.  

Does seasonality impact pay for Cytotechnologists?

Travel cytotechnologists can see fluctuations in pay based on supply and demand. This is because travel allied health professional pay is dynamic, and increased pay is common when demand is high. Consequently, a slight downturn in pay can accompany times when cytotechnologist demand is low. 

Staff cytotechnologists typically earn the same amount year-round. They will often see pay increases with certification, experience, and taking on additional duties and responsibilities.

Trusted Health understands that traveler pay can be challenging to understand, especially if you are just starting out! Don’t forget to look at some of our additional travel health professional resources, and check out our job board for the most current cytotechnologist jobs and salary information.  

What is the job outlook like for Cytotechnologists?

The job outlook for cytotechnologists is excellent! Cytotechnologists are in demand and are needed in a wide range of laboratory, healthcare, and research facilities. They are also needed in all 50 states. Many industries have seen a loss of jobs related to the advancement of AI, but healthcare and cytotechnology are not one of them. 

Cytotechnologists are a type of clinical laboratory technologist. Clinical laboratory technologists' jobs are expected to increase by 5%, which is faster than the national average. Approximately 16,800 new clinical lab technologist jobs will be needed over the next ten years. As healthcare needs increase, cytotechnology needs will increase as well.   

Travel Cytotechnologists Salary

The average travel cytotechnologist salary clocks in at just slightly above the national cytotechnologist average salary. Travel cytotechnologists are instrumental in ensuring necessary tests are able to be performed and read. They help diagnosis and treatment continue despite local staffing shortages. 

The average travel cytotechnologist salary is $88,075 per year, which is just slightly higher than the national average of $87,469. 

  • The highest-paid 10% of travel cytotechnologist salaries are $103,822 per year or more. 
  • The lowest-paid 10% of travel cytotechnologist salaries earn approximately $72,980 per year.

Find a Cytotechnologist Job with Trusted Health

Beginning your career as a traveling cytotechnologist is a great way to maximize your cytotechnologist earning potential. It also is a fantastic way to travel the country, have new and exciting experiences, and grow your career and skills. 

Your journey as an allied health traveler is the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime, and Trusted Health is here for you at every step of the way. At Trusted Health, we offer competitive pay packages, premium benefits, and unparalleled clinical support. 

Click here to start your travel cytotechnologist job search with Trusted Health!

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