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15+ Memorable Holiday Gift Ideas for Travel Nurses

Lindsey Gram, RN
November 17, 2023
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Finding the right gifts for travel nurses can make their day, but choosing that perfect something isn't always easy. There’s nothing better than seeing the reaction of a loved one opening up a gift that they absolutely LOVE. How their face lights up, how big their smile gets, and maybe (if you really nail it) how they talk about that gift for months or years to come.  Travel nurses can be a tough group to shop for. You don’t want to buy them a gift that goes unused or give them more unwanted stuff to cart around the country from assignment to assignment.     

Whether you are shopping for a travel nurse, a travel nurse looking to treat yourself, or a travel nurse who never knows how to answer the question, “What can I get you for Christmas?”, we’ve got some great gift ideas for you.

How to Find the Best Gifts for Travel Nurses

When shopping for your travel nurse, consider a few things. Remember, the “perfect gift” is different for everyone. Think of your travel nurse’s unique personality, interests, and current location. 

You wouldn’t want to buy a rafting adventure for someone who hates the water, dinner at a steakhouse for a vegetarian, or splurge on a set of winter accessories for a nurse living in a warm climate. Instead, you want to find something that aligns with their interests, values, and situation! And, if all else fails- just ask them if they have their eye on anything! 


Experiences are at the top of our list for travel nurse gifts. After all, part of the reason your loved one became a travel nurse was to get out there and see the world! Find a nearby activity that they would enjoy and treat them to it. Better yet, travel to where they are and enjoy it with them!

  1. Outdoor Adventures

Has your travel nurse wanted to try surfing ever since being in California? Maybe they chose Colorado for the winter because they can’t get enough time on the ski slopes. Lessons, passes, or guided adventures are great gifts for your outdoorsy traveler!    

A joyful travel nurse with a mixed-race background is holding a surfboard, smiling widely on a sunny beach with other beachgoers in the background, ready to catch some waves.
Surf's Up for Adventure-Seeking Travel Nurses!
  1. Concert, Movie, or Museum Tickets

Is your travel nurse’s favorite band coming to a location near them? Or is there a museum or exhibit in town that they’d be interested in? Local event tickets are a great way to help your traveler explore their new location. 

  1. A Gift Card to a Local Restaurant

Trying out all the delicious local fare is one of the best parts of living in a new city! But it can get pricey for your traveler. Know where they’re headed next? Check out our city guides for some of our best recommendations in traveler hotspots! 

Dallas, TX

Nashville, TN 

Miami, FL

Chicago, IL  

Houston, TX

  1. Spa or Massage Gift Cards 

Travel nursing is demanding! Healthcare jobs are stressful, and your travel nurse works hard. Help them rest and relax by treating them to a day at a local spa, massage, or a manicure-pedicure combo. 

  1. Creative Classes

For the artistic-minded traveler, local art classes or music lessons are a wonderful way to get out and make new friends in a new city. Think about local pottery classes or a paint night for a great gift! 

A creative travel nurse with Black descent is painting a vibrant blue stroke on a canvas, wearing a colorful patterned shirt, in a room with art supplies and framed artwork, embodying the joy of a local art class.
Gift the Joy of Painting to Your Artistic Travel Nurse!

Giving an experience as a gift is a stellar way to help your traveler enjoy their current location. It takes up no space and leaves them with tons of smiles, laughs, and great memories. 

Physical Gifts 

While there are plenty of excellent gift-giving options, a tangible, physical present is always wonderful. Having a gift under the tree to open on Christmas morning can make your travel nurse's new location feel not so far from home. Don’t forget to have them video-call you while they open it! 

  1. Tech 

While this may not be in every shopper’s price range, updating or adding to your travel nurses’ tech accessories is always a great gift. Think noise-canceling headphones, a Kindle, or an Apple watch.  

  1. Bath, Beauty & Relaxation  

There are plenty of great ways to help your travel nurse unwind after a long week of work. For your water-loving travel nurse, bath bombs and shower steamers will never go unused. The same goes for face masks, self-massage tools, and other self-care items. And essential oils, a diffuser, books, or candles are a welcome addition to a travel nurse's new space. 

Two women enjoying a relaxing moment on a sandy beach at sunset, with one reading a book and the other smiling, surrounded by a picnic setup, embodying leisure and self-care for a travel nurse.
Unwind with a Book and Beachside Bliss for the Ultimate Relaxation.
  1. Cocktail Kit

Do you know a nurse who is always excited to try new cocktails wherever they go? Help them get started making their own cocktails at home with a cocktail kit. These kits come with all the necessary items and instructions, plus they are super portable! 

  1. Water Bottles & Coffee Mugs

Staying both well-hydrated and caffeinated while working long shifts is essential. Help your travel nurse out with the practical gift of a reusable water bottle or mug! One of the most popular brands is the Stanley Cup and it’s available in the Trusted Shop!

A 40oz Trusted Health Stanley Tumbler in cream color, featuring a sturdy handle and a clear reusable straw. The side of the tumbler proudly displays the word 'trusted' in bold black letters, symbolizing the reliability and community of Trusted Health professionals.
More than just a water bottle, this 40oz stainless steel tumbler is your reliable partner through the most demanding shifts!

Travel-Friendly Gifts

Trending towards the more practical side of things, travel-related gifts are always a hit. Think airline miles and tickets, luggage, and accessories to make your loved one’s travel days easier.

Two women, one in a yellow dress and the other in a denim bucket hat and green pants, are loading a durable black suitcase into the trunk of a car, highlighting the ease of travel with the right accessories.
Make Travel Days a Breeze with the Perfect Luggage Companion.

Gift Cards

Gift cards and E-Gifts are always great gifts for travel nurses, especially if you know that your travel nurse is a little more on the practical or picky side of things. With these, they have the option to pick out an item that is truly wanted, needed, or desired.  

  1. Coffee Gift Cards

Chances are, your travel nurse loves coffee! A gift card to their favorite coffee shop will always get used and bring a smile to their face. 

A woman with curly hair and freckles, joyfully closes her eyes, holding a large mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream, hinting at a travel nurse's precious coffee break moments.
A Coffee Gift Card to Fuel Your Favorite Travel Nurse.
  1. Clothing Gift Cards

Many nurses love clothes, but clothes are notoriously hard to shop for. A gift card to a shop with their favorite styles can help them update their wardrobe for their current or next location. Ask them about any local boutiques or if they have a specific store or brand they love. 

  1. Scrubs & Workwear Gift Cards

This is more on the practical side of things, but remember- your travel nurse spends 36 hours a week or more in their scrubs! Badge reels, penlights, or a personalized bag are always appreciated. And there isn’t a nurse we know that would turn down a FIGS gift card! 

  1. Gas Gift Cards

Gas cards are great for the ultra-practical travel nurse. They aren’t glamorous, but they are always much appreciated! Your travel nurse puts a lot of miles on their vehicle while moving from contract to contract and exploring everything in between!

Legs clad in casual footwear protrude from a car window, framing a scenic view of majestic mountains, symbolizing the freedom and exploration a gas gift card can offer a travel nurse
Fuel for Adventure: A Gas Gift Card for the Travel Nurse on the Move.
  1. Non-Specific Gift Cards

A non-specific gift card, such as an Amazon or Visa gift card, is a top choice for a travel nurse who never knows what they want or insists that they want nothing at all.  

While some may consider gift cards a cop-out or a lousy gift choice, the travel nurses in your life will surely disagree! Gift cards are easy to mail, take up zero space, and allow your nurse to pick out a gift they will truly enjoy. 

Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Travel Nurse

We hope you now have some great gift ideas for the travel nurse in your life! Remember to consider your travel nurses’ interests, personality, and location while shopping for them. As always, get in touch! We’d love to hear your holiday gift ideas, or hear about the favorite gift that you’ve received as a travel nurse. Happy holidays from all of us at Trusted Health!   

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